Customer Testimonials
& CRM Case Studies

At Preact we delight in sharing CRM customer success stories and we take pride in demonstrating our values, 'Putting Customers First', 'Being the Best' and 'Building Business Together'. 

Read what some of our customers say about their experiences with Preact and Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM:

Preact have delivered a faultless service for many years. I’ve found them to be a great team to work with and I believe that sentiment would be echoed throughout our organisation.

I’ve been very pleased with Dynamics 365 and found it to be a highly reliable cloud system which has proved instrumental in helping our business grow and sustain success during a period of unprecedented change in our industry. The support we’ve received from Preact has been a success story and we've reaped the rewards of their help.

The successful implementation of our Dynamics 365 system meant Preact effectively squeezed a 6 month project into just 3 months. The results have been outstanding for our business and I would happily recommend their services in a heartbeat.

“I’ve been delighted at the speed that Preact has been able to answer our questions and the outcomes that we’ve achieved in Dynamics 365. Our managed service has increased the pace that we’re able to do things such as configuring more features, adding more processes and making the system work better for us. The changes that Preact has already implemented and the other developments that are planned are helping put our company in an excellent position for growth"

We've received excellent support from Preact through their account management, technical help and consultancy. A key part of this has been the continuity in speaking to people who understand our business and how we use Dynamics.

Compared to our previous supplier, Preact has been far more responsive and demonstrated a ‘can-do’ approach. Our discussions are always consultative which has helped us understand just how much is possible in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Since we started using Preact’s managed service we’ve been able to step up the pace of improvements and do more with Dynamics 365.

I have been impressed by Preact’s relationship with our Operations IT Administrator where they have helped her develop a superb system. Preact are a professional organisation and respond well to working with our staff, like every significant project both sides work well when fully engaged.

I'd give Preact 10/10 for the way they are helping us manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have high standards and it is to the credit of their team that we are satisfied. Preact work in professional manner but with flexibility and we don't find them to be corporate which is big attraction for us. They are always honest in their discussions with us and we’ve seen the value of their agile approach.

Preact make a big difference by having a working knowledge of our CRM system and our business processes. I’ve found their team to be informal and friendly and they’ve always demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile and understand our business.

Preact have my recommendation because of the people we deal with. When I need to, I can always speak to our technical account manager who knows our system and understands our process. We can bounce ideas off him, discuss issues and get advice. This has proved invaluable in helping us determine further Dynamics 365 changes.

Fourfront Group has grown from a start-up to a £160m+ business within 20 years and Preact has supported us throughout this time. Their work on our Dynamics 365 project has enabled us to digitally transform our business and this will help us continue our incredible growth.

Preact have consistently delivered a high level of customer care and attention to detail. I find their team to be professional, knowledgeable, credible and responsive. We have worked with other developers in the past and I’ve never had more confidence in a firm than I do with Preact. Their technical knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics platform is second to none.

We’ve been delighted with the back-up we’ve received from Preact. Their support team are responsive to our questions and keep us updated so I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Our managed agreement includes additional time for training and it’s good to know that we can always schedule these extra resources whenever we want to top up our CRM user skills.

"When we look for emerging trends and patterns we could easily spend 20 hours or more collecting and analysing our data but using Power BI everything we need is available in real-time.”

From my experience I would recommend Preact to any organisation implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They tailor their approach effectively and have proved to be very innovative in developing and applying solutions. Most importantly – they want to help their clients to experience the very best that CRM has to offer.

Preact is very supportive, they are always on the phone when we need help and have proved adept at finding new solutions which enable us to manage more processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Illumine

The ability of your consultants to adopt the terminology of our business so easily and effectively was impressive. It demonstrates they were listening to our needs and understood the nuances of business which meant we implemented a CRM system fully fit for purpose.

  • Fittleworth Medical

Preact supply us with excellent CRM support and are easy to contact. There have been many instances in which their support team has gone above and beyond what I expected, in particular sharing their know-how and extra insight which helps us handle similar issues in the future. I find that other suppliers are quick to close cases but Preact are not like that. They immediately acknowledge issues, keep me updated and check that I am happy before closing down cases. I have no hesitation in recommending their services for any organization that needs help with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Schoolcomms

I have enjoyed working with Preact and would highly recommend them. Overall our project has been a success and I'm confident that when we require any further support, Preact will be able to provide it.

  • Civil Service Healthcare

A BIG thank you for yesterday's training course. It was a hugely informative and completely bespoke session that offered excellent value for money, and we look forward to working together again with you and your brilliant trainer again soon.

  • Actemium

Your consultants have worked tirelessly to support our team. It's so refreshing to speak with people who genuinely understand our business and come up with really considered responses.

  • Clarion Events

We've worked with Preact for a number of years. Their technical team spent a reassuring amount of time specifying our requirements to ensure that our ACT! data transferred to Microsoft Dynamics CRM without a hitch, designing fields and layout to meet our needs.

  • CEM Microwave

We are delighted with the recent CRM training, it went really well and your trainer was brilliant, the feedback from all the sales people was very positive. He is very knowledgeable and understanding of the different levels of users. He was very helpful to me on admin side of the CRM and nothing was too much effort. Looking forward to having him back!

  • Technimove