Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM Strategic Partnerships

Preact wants to be your partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a trusted advisor to support your customers digital transformation and help you capitalize on the expanding market for Microsoft Cloud Business Services.

If Customer Relationship Management isn't your focus, but your customers have CRM requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to assist. Email [email protected] or phone 0800 381 1000 to discuss your client's CRM requirements or to learn more about our partnership approach.

“Preact has made a lasting impression on our customers which reflects positively on ramsac having made these introductions. Furthermore, we have seen a positive contribution by adding Dynamics 365 licensing to our recurring customer billing as we look to grow the value of these relationships.”

Dan May Commercial Director, ramsac
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The Opportunity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the newest generation of connected business apps based on Microsoft Cloud Solutions such as Office 365, Power BI and Azure services.

Dynamics 365 offers the highest partner margin incentive of all Microsoft cloud subscription services, but if you aren't a CRM partner, how can you easily add this additional revenue to your income?

The Challenge

Building a CRM business is a major undertaking that requires significant resourcing.

This involves the cost of hiring additional staff, investing in training and determining how best to sell, deliver and support CRM projects alongside your existing business. You then need to stay up to date with new CRM releases and technologies, and invest for continued CRM accreditation.

Our Solution

Open a new revenue stream by partnering with Preact to introduce new Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunities.

→ Fill service gaps without taking on added responsibility

→ No competition from a 100% CRM focused provider

→ Bill directly, and receive the full licensing margin if you are a CSP partner

→ Or, delegate billing and receive a revenue share

→ Earn recurring revenue for as long as your customers use Dynamics 365

→ Strengthen existing relationships and make customers more ‘sticky’

→ Easy to get started, just begin referring!

We're delighted to work with Preact, one of the UK's pre-eminent CRM consultants. Preact's commitment to exceeding customer expectations really resonates with our own ambitions to enable our customers to be more efficient based on seamless data integration across their IT estates.”

David Reinhardt, Founder & Director, Recursyv

8 Reasons to Partner With Preact for Dynamics 365 / CRM

Point number 1

Increase Cloud Revenue - refer opportunities for Dynamics 365 requirements and you'll be able to bill your clients for additional license revenue alongside your existing services, or delegate the billing to us and receive a revenue share.

Point number 2

Retain Client Ownership - retain CSP / POR ownership and increase the value of your Microsoft relationship with Dynamics 365 billing. Or, we can take on the licensing and billing responsibilities and pay you your monthly margin.n

Point number 3

Non-Compete - our sole focus is CRM, we won't compete with you for Office 365, Nav, Sharepoint and other Microsoft cloud services.

Point number 4

No Added Responsibilities - we will handle all aspects of the CRM requirement so there isn't any need to hire additional resources, or invest in extra Microsoft certification.

Point number 5

Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner - with 25 years of CRM implementation experience, Preact has delivered solutions for a huge diversity of requirements, so you can be sure of partnering with a leading industry provider.

Point number 6

Flexible Approach - you determine how the referral relationship works. If your client is planning to implement Dynamics 365, or if they need help with their CRM system, we will work to your brief.

Point number 7

Reciprocal Referrals - we often have an opportunity to introduce clients that have requirements for network management, Office 365 and general IT support services.

Point number 8

Broad Industry Experience - we deliver CRM solutions for clients across numerous industry sectors. These include: charities, education, financial services, IT consultancy, event management, telecoms, training providers and membership organisations.

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