Xero Connector for Dynamics 365

Synchronise Microsoft Dynamics 365 data with Xero accounting software.

Preact has developed a connector to automatically sync data to Xero accounting from Dynamics 365 that shortcuts processing time and improves data accuracy

Xero Connector Synchronised

Stay Synchronised

Have information entered into Dynamics automatically updated in Xero, including new accounts, contact details and product information.

Xero Connector Repeated tasks

Avoid Repeating Tasks

The solution utilises automated workflows which create an invoice in Xero whenever a new sales order is created in Dynamics.

Xero Connector Focus

Remain Focused

Bypass having to constantly go between two different systems, by allowing the connector to push through information from Dynamics to Xero.

Demonstrating Xero Connector for Dynamics 365

Video Transcript

Welcome to another video on our Dynamics 365 and Xero Connector. Myself and Jack, are just going to take you through a s…

Welcome to another video on our Dynamics 365 and Xero Connector. Myself and Jack, are just going to take you through a scenario where I would be the salesperson in Dynamics who can submit an order into Xero, and Jack's going to be the Accounts Payable Finance Clerk in this scenario working in Xero. He's going to update some details in there and add some payments, and then I'm going to show you how those payments sync back across into Dynamics.

If we just go into the orders section in Dynamics, what we've done is we've just added a nice little button over here called "Sync to Xero", which is a Yes/No option. As soon as we set this to yes, it triggers the integration into Xero. What it's going to do is, it's going to sync across account details, like order number and it's going to pull across the products as well as items in Xero.

The reason we've done it as a Yes/No field is purely to save you from having to click a button and manually push the integration. You could have some workflow automation or some business rules based on some values that you might be picking, some logic, to say now set this to yes. By setting this value to yes it starts the integration.

That's all we need to do from the order point of view to push this in to Xero.

Now if we come over to the contacts area in Xero, we can see that a contact has been created using the account of the related record in Dynamics 365. If we click into this contact we'll be able to see that a new invoice has been created. If we go into the invoice we'll be able to see that a number of fields have been pre-populated using the information in Dynamics 365, such as the due date, invoice number, reference number, and all of the products.

From here we can go in and choose an account to relate these to. Once this has been done we can go ahead and approve this record. Now that the invoice has been approved in Xero we're going to go ahead and add a payment. For this I'm going to do a split payment. For the first payment I'm going to do 15,000, I'm going to put in my date paid, I'm going to put in who it's been paid to, and then I'm going to put in a reference. Now we can go ahead and add this payment.

Now just coming back into Dynamics 365, once this invoice is approved in Xero, and added in part payment, we can see against the existing order we have now a linked invoice. We can see the status to say we've had a payment. It's pulling through Xero status and it's a partial payment.

If we click into the invoice from here, we can see these fields at the top as well status and status reason, again these are just the payment statuses that come from Xero. But what we've got here is the Xero payment details. So we can see on here all those details that have come through; the reference, the payment date, how much it was for, who it was paid to and you know the paid amount sits in here. We deduct that see then the outstanding value.

Once you're ready to add the second payment, simply come back into the invoice in Xero, put in the correct amount paid, select the paid date, select who is paid to, add your reference, and click add payment.

Now that the final payment is against the invoice, I've just refreshed my screen in Dynamics, and we can see the second payment with the date, the amount that was paid, who it was paid to, and as before it has brought the outstanding balance down to zero. Again same as where we had part payments before we're looking at the status now pulling in from Xero, it sets the status reason to be complete, the status is now paid - this is now fulfilled.

You can see a couple other things that we've done as well on here; we've given you the nice UI, so you can see it all in a nice visual but also if you need to also report on this, we've got a payments table here as well. So you could run advanced finds on this; run a query to say show payments that came in certain periods and who they were paid to and these can feed your reports, so the data's here to be reported on.

We've also got another entity in here for the integration logs, so you can come in here if you've got any failures and see why this hasn't been updated. You'll be able to come in here and see has it failed and for what reason. In this scenario was successful it has updated this invoice in here as well.So a bit of an archive trailer about that integration piecePlease give the video a like if you enjoyed what you saw today, make sure you subscribe to Preact to see more of our videos about Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform in the future, thanks for listening!

How the Xero Connector Works

Creating Records

When a new Account record is created in Dynamics 365 this is automatically applied to Xero as a Contact. Through our connector, new Dynamics 365 Contact records are automatically pushed to Xero as a Contact Person.

Dynamics users are able to verify synchronisation is successful by checking the Xero Contact ID on the main account form which should be populated.

Xero create record

Updating / Deleting Records

When field data is updated on Account and Contact records in Dynamics 365 that are synchronised with a Xero Contact or Contact Person these changes will automatically be applied.

If a synchronised Account or Contact is subsequently deleted in Dynamics, the corresponding record will also be deleted in Xero.

Mapped Entities

The connector can be used to map any field in Dynamics 365 with any field in Xero, this includes accounts, contacts, order, order product, product and even custom entities!

Primary Contacts

For Primary Contacts that are defined on a Dynamics 365 account that is synchronised with Xero, these contacts will be added as a Xero Primary Person.

Sync primary contact

Additional Dynamics 365 Contacts

When a new Dynamics 365 contact is created against an account that is already synchronised with Xero the new record will be added to the existing Xero Contact.

Add Dynamics contacts and sync to Xero

Any subsequent changes to synchronised Dynamics 365 contact records, for example a new email address, will reflect on the linked Xero Contact Person.

Further synchronisation processes are available through this connector:

  • Synchronise Dynamics 365 Products to Xero Products and Services
  • Dynamics 365 Order records synchronised as Xero Invoices
  • Specify if integration will be from Dynamics 365 Account to Xero Account, or Dynamics 365 Contact to Xero Account
  • Push invoice payments from Xero back into Dynamics 365 on the invoice record associated to the original order

Xero and Dynamics Invoice Synchronisation

Xero Connector FAQs

Will the connector pickup our existing Dynamics 365 Accounts and Contacts and sync these to Xero?
An automated workflow can be applied that will retrospectively synchronise Accounts and Contacts to Xero.

What action will a Dynamics user need to take to create a new account in Xero?
When the connector is deployed, upon creating the new Account record in Dynamics the automated process will sync these new records to Xero as Contact records. Product and order records from Dynamics can also be synchronised to Xero.

What technology is this connector built on?
The Xero connector is built on Dynamics 365 and Power Automate.

Xero Connector Pricing

The Xero Connector for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

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