Price List Manager for Dynamics 365 Sales

Quickly apply price changes across multiple products, with a few simple steps, by using this prebuilt solution

Price List Manager Clone Price Lists

Clone Price Lists

Duplicate lists to quickly apply bulk price updates and protect your original list.

Price List Manager Automation


Skip the maths. Use this solution to alter price values by amount or percentage.

Price List Manager Rapid Update

Rapid Price Update

Set price changes across all products in just a few seconds.

Demonstrating Price List Manager for Dynamics 365 Sales

Video Transcript

Preact’s Price List Manager. The purpose of this is to allow you to clone an existing price list, but add either a perce…

Preact’s Price List Manager. The purpose of this is to allow you to clone an existing price list, but add either a percentage increase or an amount increase. It's quite common that each year price catalogues will change, and this will just show you how to do it in a couple of clicks of a button.

We've got an active price list open, and I've called this “Martin's Test List”. As usual it's got a name against this [PRICE LIST], I've added a load of products and price list items. I've given all items a £1000 price tag, just so you can see this change when it goes through.

There are 375 items on this price list but what we'd like to do is create a brand new list. You can create this yourself like this [CLICK “NEW” ON TOP BAR AND ENTER NAME], I’m going to call it “Martin's list 2020” and click “Save”. You can see currently, because it's a brand new list, there's no price list items on here.

What would be really useful is if I can take this existing list [“MARTIN’S TEST LIST”]; whether I do it from here [“PRICE LIST MANAGER” OPTION ON TOP BAR] or on the actual price list we click “Price List Manager” [TOP BAR], it will then pop out on the right hand side.

At this point you can then pick that new list that you've just created or you could create a new list from here. I've already created one and it's there in the list [DROP DOWN OPTION]. Then you can see if I pick percentage increase, it's allowing me to pick a percentage value, or I can do a price increase; so I could add £10 to every single one of these items. Then it will go through and add it to all those 375 items in the price list.

I’ll just pick percentage for now and just add a 10% increase to this, then click “Save and Close”. So previously you would have gone through and adjusted all your prices for those 375 items. By doing this [USING “PRICE LIST MANAGER”] it's going to add all these for you in the background. I'll just allow the pop up blocker, and it will pop up with this little pop-out window and it will show you the progress. It will show you the prices getting added to the 375 items as they go through; it’s telling you 123 of those 375 items have been added so far.

The benefit of having this pop-up window is that if you've got thousands and thousands of items, you can see the progress. However, you don't have to have this open at all times; you can minimalize this but as soon as it's done it will pop up anyway to say it's now successfully done. It shows that none of them failed which is great and we can click “Ok”.

Then if I just go and refresh [NEW PRICE LIST], so I can see my new list, if I click “Price List Items”, all

those 375 items have now been added in here but they've all been given that 10% increase on each line by line item.

Thanks for listening, please feel free to get in touch if this is something that would benefit your organisation.

Many Thanks.

How the Price List Manager Works

Preact's Price List Manager saves user time by automatically applying new pricing across all products in a Dynamics 365 price list.

Simply click the Price List Manager from the toolbar in Dynamics 365 Sales, select an existing price list and a new price list. Then input a percentage change, or a fixed amount, that will be applied to each item in a single step.

Once these changes are saved, Dynamics will populate the new price list with each product and its updated price.

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