Multi-Select Lookup for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

Search and select multiple values to populate a field of your choice, on any entity for Dynamics 365 and model-driven Power Apps.

Multi Select Lookup Simple


Quick and easy solution for selecting multiple records on Dynamics forms.

Multi Select Lookup Customisable


Define search parameters by selecting any entity for each multi lookup field.

Multi Select Lookup Flexibility


Associate multiple records in look up fields on any record form or quick create.

How the Multi-Select Lookup Works

Place a Multi-Select Lookup Field into the form of any Dynamics 365 system entity, enabling users to search and select multiple records easily. This solution can be added to any form as space-saving alternative to sub-grids. It can also be included in Quick Create forms where sub-grids are not enabled.

The field can be applied to search on any entity, making it easy customise this solution around your business needs.

    Demonstrating Multi-Select Lookup

    Video Transcript

    Preact’s Multi Select LookUp Add-on can be configured for any entity; in this scenario I've got it on the accounts entit…

    Preact’s Multi Select LookUp Add-on can be configured for any entity; in this scenario I've got it on the accounts entity.

    You can see here [SEARCH FIELD] I've just enabled it, and I've called this field Account Managers. Predominantly, I've set this control to look at users.

    It's quite common that Accounts might be owned by many Account managers or Area Managers. Over here [TOP RIGHT OF ACCOUNT RECORD] we have the default owner field and you can only have one owner of the record. But it's quite useful to be able to come in here [ACCOUNT MANAGERS FIELD] and put somebody in there; so if I type and add Chris who might be an account manager, we might also add Mark who's an account manager and lastly we might also have Fiona.

    So this is just one way of using the Multi-Lookup Control. In this instance I've got this set to users but it can also look at Contacts or any other entity. The field can also sit on any form, on any other entity as well.

    Thanks for listening.

    Multi-Select Lookup Pricing

    The Multi-Select Lookup is one of many solutions for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps available at no additional cost as part of our Elevate 365 Managed Service. Additional products include:

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