Bank Account Validation for Dynamics 365

Instantly check bank account details are entered correctly in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps to avoid mistakes and payment errors

Bank Validation Instant Verfication

Instant Verification

Enter any UK sort code and bank account number to check they are valid.

Bank Validation Bank

Completes Bank Details

Returns the bank name, branch title, address, phone number and IBAN.

Bank Validation Reduce Admin

Reduces Administration

Save time and reduce costs by validating bank details at the point of entry.

Demonstrating Bank Account Validation

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to be taking a look at our Bank Account Validation solution. The Bank Validation solution all…

In this video we're going to be taking a look at our Bank Account Validation solution.

The Bank Validation solution allows us to input an account number and sort code, and using Loqate's API we can receive back information regarding the account. All we need to do is enter the appropriate bank details into the fields.

As you can see I've already pre-populated these fields, however now that we've entered the details we can click on the validate button. Now that we've clicked on the validate button, you can see it brings back a number of fields, such as, if the account is valid, the status, and if it's direct debit capable. Also included is some information about the bank, such as, the bank name, the branch postcode, contact phone number, and finally an IBAN number.

If the person on the end of the phone gives us an incorrect account number or sort code number, we can see what this looks like here. Once you click validate with some incorrect details, you can see that it's going to bring back a valid status of no, it's going to give us a status of unknown sort code, and not bring back any of the related details.

The solution is super flexible and allows us to place these fields on any form or entity in the system, and we can even choose to only see fields that we want to be able to see. If we don't need all of this information we can just select the information on the form that we want to be able to see.

We can also customise if we would like the details to save into Dynamics 365 or just show on the form. If we choose to save this into Dynamics 365 we can query the data like any other field in Dynamics 365, allowing us to create views using the data within the fields. For instance, we could have a view based on all of our accounts that don't have a valid payment method.

Some ways that customers have used this solution is validating regular payments for orders, other customers have also used this for taking donations and sponsorships through Dynamics 365. Being able to see if an account is direct debit capable is something that's very important for these customers, as they need to be able to ensure payments can be taken each month.

The Bank Validation solution is just one of many included in Preact Solutions Hub, and is available as part of our all-inclusive managed service package Elevate 365, or through our dedicated Solutions 365 subscription.

How Bank Account Validation Works

Preact's Bank Validation control can be added to any Dynamics 365 record form, for any entity, to help combat failed payments and time-consuming admin tasks.

Loqate Bank Account Validation for Dynamics 365

Simply enter a sort code and an 8-digit account number for any UK bank account and click the "validate" button. Loqate's industry-leading technology then provides real-time checks to ensure reliable data at the point-of-entry. From branch names and IBAN, to confirming each bank account supports direct debit payments, this solution returns all the necessary details to deal with successful payments.

  • Save money - avoids bank charges caused by re-processing failed payments
  • Improves service - eliminates failed direct debit payments to avoid delays and disruptions in your service delivery
  • Searchable fields - bank details populate dedicated fields so data can be applied to searches and filters
  • Regular updates - seamless Loqate data updates means that new accounts and sort codes will be recognised

Bank Account Validation Pricing

The Loqate Bank Validation control for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

A Loqate subscription is not required. Our Elevate 365 managed service and Solutions 365 subscriptions each include monthly capacities for Loqate lookups.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

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