Rapid Address Lookup for Dynamics 365

A faster, easier way to accurately capture addresses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using data driven by Loqate (previously PostcodeAnywhere)

Address Capture Real Time Search

Real-time Search

As soon as a business name, street or postcode is typed, auto-complete suggestions are provided.

Address Capture Accurate Data

Accurate Address Data

Get accurate data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your database.

Address Capture Failed Delivery

Reduces Failed Delivery

Verifying addresses up-front in Dynamics will save wasted costs in failed delivery attempts.

Demonstrating Embedded Address Lookup

Video Transcript

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Preact’s Address Capture Solution uses the Loqate services, formerly known as PostcodeAnywhere. For this demo it has be…

Preact’s Address Capture Solution uses the Loqate services, formerly known as PostcodeAnywhere.

For this demo it has been set up on the accounts entity, but this solution can be enabled on any entity that you would have address information on, and any form that you need it to sit in.

It is a simple solution.

At the address lookup field at the top, you can start typing a post code or any part of an address. Start typing a postcode like LA3, you will see that all the different postcodes beginning with LA3 come up. One postcode is LA3 1AB and it shows that there are 20 addresses associated to that postcode. Clicking into that will show all the residential addresses in that group.

You can then just pick one of those to populate the fields. It will fill in all the details. It will set the country ISO and the type as residential.

Alternatively, if you type in company address information, again like the postcode or the name of the road. Putting a business park postcode works too. You can see that there are 23 addresses with that postcode. You can then view and select the appropriate company, for example Preact.

Once you select the company then you’ll see it fills in all the field values. There is the company name and the type has been sent to commercial.

These fields are probably then referenced in views, charts, postcode territory solutions, and anything that requires the information.

This solution keeps your data clean, and it is just coming from you entering the postcode at the field at the top.

If you’re interested in this solution, please feel free to get into contact and we would be more than happy to help.

How the Address Lookup Works

Add rapid address capture capabilities to your Dynamics 365 environment with our embedded control that reduces data entry time and increases accuracy.

Enter a location using single-line address lookup on any device. Start at any point of the address, for example company name, building, road or postcode.

'Fuzzy matching' capability makes everything clear. Misspellings are corrected, abbreviations completed and missing information filled in.

  • Best-in-class address quality - Loqate checks addresses sourced from Royal Mail PAF data and other providers
  • Populates any Dynamics address field - apply the address lookup to any Dynamics entity where address detail is tracked

Loqate Address Lookup for Dynamics 365

Address Lookup Pricing

The rapid address lookup for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

A separate Loqate subscription is not required. Our Elevate 365 managed service and Solutions 365 subscriptions each include monthly capacities for Loqate address lookups.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

How to Deploy the Address Lookup Solution

Contact us to learn more and deploy the Address Lookup connector.

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