Last Activities for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

Instantly check the most recent interactions for any record type. Use these insights to be alerted to neglected accounts, contacts, leads, or any other record.

Last Activities Last contacted

Last Contacted

See at a glance when each customer was last contacted - by any activity type

Last Activities Neglected accounts

No Neglected Accounts!

Automatically marks records as neglected if no recent activity is tracked

Last Activities Any Record

Works on any Record

Apply to Contacts, Accounts and any record type that supports activities

Demonstrating Last Activities for Dynamics 365

Instantly check the latest interaction - for any record

Using in built functionality, Dynamics 365 does not provide a quick way to check the most recent interactions by each activity type.

The standard timeline control will display all activities for a record in chronological order, regardless of their status (open, closed, scheduled, etc.). This can be filtered but it is still not easy to check the last engagement based on a specific type of activity or other criteria.

For example, there may be a need to identify if an account manager has completed a call or met a customer within a defined timescale but Dynamics doesn't easily show this detail on an individual record.

The 'Last Activities' solution provides clear visibility on any Dynamics 365 record form where activities are created. As well as accounts, contacts and opportunities this can also be applied to custom entities which enables users to instantly see when a customer was last contacted.

Last Activities is a companion to Preact's Next Activity solution.

Easily Configurable

  • Choose which activity types are tracked e.g. phone calls and appointments only
  • Configure sort orders by activity create or modified dates
  • Customise activity fields shown in the Last Activity tile
  • Define the time period when a record will be defined as neglected
  • Click a tile to open the associated activity
  • Last activity values are captured on the record enabling analysis through Dynamics views, charts and dashboards

Avoid Neglected Account Scenarios

When a neglected record is identified, this can be automatically marked by the Last Activities solution through a daily automation process. Through views and dashboards, users can quickly identify which records need and get back in touch.

Neglected Accounts

The Last Activities solution for the Unified Interface is built using Power Apps Control Framework enabling a super-quick installation. This includes a Flow / Power Automate component that will be installed and configured if the Neglected Records functionality is used.

Last Activities Pricing

Last Activities for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

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