DocuSign Connector for Dynamics 365

Quickly and easily get sales order forms signed from Dynamics 365 using our purpose-built connector for DocuSign

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Docu Sign Quick Send

Quick Send

Quickly create and send documents from within Dynamics 365.

Docu Sign Document tracking

Document Tracking

Instantly check the signing status of each sent from Dynamics.

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Inclusive Credits

Use inclusive DocuSign credits to send documents.

How the DocuSign Connector Works

Tired of creating, uploading and attaching signed orders to Dynamics 365 records?

With Preact's DocuSign solution, there is no simpler way to send out documents for electronic signature directly from Dynamics 365.

Simply click the 'Get Signatures' button on the toolbar in Dynamics and follow simple steps to personalise each document and preview your accompanying message.

Once the document is signed this is automatically added to the relevant record timelines, so you never have to leave Dynamics 365 to send the document, collect a signature or review completed documents.

Our connector also includes usage credits (envelopes), so there's no need to create a separate DocuSign account or purchase a credit pack.

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How to Send Out Documents

Point number 1

Select a Word Template or a Record Attachment, which will be sent for a signature

Point number 4

Adjust Reminder Delay and Reminder Frequency, for emails to be sent to document recipients.

Point number 2

Add any Supplemental Documents to send with the main document.

Point number 5

Edit Expiry Date and how many days before expiry, document recipients will receive a reminder.

Point number 3

Personalise the Accompanying Email Subject and Description.

Point number 6

Order recipients and whether they only need read-access, or are required to sign, before clicking send.

Benefits of Using the DocuSign Connector

Not only does the DocuSign Connector save valuable time in the distribution of documents that require signatures, but it allows you to send them out for multiple signers. Without having to send out the document multiple times, you can send the same document once and know that the relevant people will be alerted when it's their time to sign. As a result, this avoids multiple copies of the same document flying around.

Further flexibility is provided in the preview window, where users can personalise document before this is sent. Whilst having default content helps save time, there are often situations when there is a need for a bespoke message or covering documents.

Lastly, the DocuSign Connector puts you in control. Track the status of each document send, to ensure this is progressing. When documents are urgent, set a reminder that will automate follow-up messages. All of which, helps you stay one step ahead.

Further Features...

  • Works with any standard Microsoft Word template
  • Configured for Dynamics 365 Sales tables
  • Allows Dynamics 365 users to track and see when documents have been sent, received, opened and signed
  • Signed copy of each document is sent to each customer
  • Certificate of completion PDF document is attached to the record history in Dynamics 365
  • Includes DocuSign envelopes
DocuSign preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Once this solution is configured, from a Dynamics 365 quote record (or another record type if required) click the 'Get Signature' button and select the appropriate document template. This will send a personalised document to the recipient via DocuSign. When the document is out for signature, the current status can be checked from the source record in Dynamics 365. Once this is signed, the completed documentation will automatically be saved to the source record. These processes are fully handled within the Dynamics 365 interface so there isn't a requirement for users to have a separate DocuSign account.

This solution includes credits for DocuSign envelopes that will provide sufficient capacity for most usage needs and for these scenarios there is no additional cost for DocuSign.

The connector provides inbuilt integration for Dynamics 365 Sales, enabling administrators to easily activate this across standard and custom tables.

DocuSign Connector Pricing

The Docusign Connector for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

A DocuSign subscription is not required. Our Elevate 365 managed service and Solutions 365 subscriptions each include capacity for a limited number of DocuSign Envelopes (electronic documents) per month.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

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