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Quickly and easily get sales order forms signed from Dynamics 365 using a purpose-built connector for DocuSign

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Create and send documents by DocuSign in just two clicks.

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Document Tracking

Instantly check the current status for each document sent.

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Automatic Filing

View signed documents directly from Dynamics 365 records.

Demonstrating DocuSign Connector for Dynamics 365

Video Transcript

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We get asked quite a lot, ‘Can we have DocuSign linked into Dynamics?’, and the purpose of this is so anyone from sales …

We get asked quite a lot, ‘Can we have DocuSign linked into Dynamics?’, and the purpose of this is so anyone from sales or anyone who is capturing a signature from client side, doesn't have to go and login to an external portal. We'll be able to see all of the information in Dynamics.

We've got the statuses coming back; where it's been delivered, declined, opened, signed, or completed. Of course, this can then feed some views that you would have in Dynamics and, if you need to, you can set your own views up.

I'll just quickly show you how the solution works.

We're on a “Quote”, you can see all the details on the quote: quote ID, we've got a couple of line items that we'll be selling and we've got some shipping information down here and we've got some billing address information.

The key thing here is we've got the customer field here; “Potential Customer” is now mandatory. Whether this is B2B or B2C. It doesn't matter if you're sending to a business or a contact in here.

Whoever you've got in this value, they need to have a valid email address. In this scenario I’ve picked Jake, I know he's got a valid email address. I actually own his Gmail account, so I'm going to go in and show you how we sign it on client side as well and what they see.

Effectively we've put our solution in that looks at the existing Word templates that you have in Dynamics already. So you design these yourself using Word and you can see we've also got this Preact DocuSign quote template over here that we've uploaded. You can download this and tweak it yourself.

What we've done is added this “Get Signature” button here [TOP TOOLBAR]. As soon as you click that, I’ll just show you on the “Details” tab: there's currently no attachments, there's nothing in here at this point. The “Summary” tab is showing all the details.

As soon as we click “Get Signature”, it says okay which of those Word templates would you like to use. So again, the ones that you've designed and uploaded. I'm just going to pick this one and click send. That processes the request and upon completion it does two things.

If we now just go across here to the “Details” tab and I'll just refresh this, you can see it will show you on the timeline what you've missed. There's a new note from the last time you came on here, there's something new that has happened and we know full well that it is the note; it's at [TIME] 10:45 you can see it now. It's the Preact DocuSign quote, the actual physical document that we've just sent out.

If we go to the “Related” tab, we've got this DocuSign’s “Histories” option here. If you want this more prominent on the main “Summary” tab, then you can see it on there. We can move it there, but for now it's just here [UNDER THE “RELATED” TAB], and you can tell us where you'd like this put. The “Document Status” is in here: originally it goes to submitted, and then 20 seconds later once it's then received in the inbox the status changes to “Sent”.

We can physically see that this is now “Sent” [UNDER “DOCUMENT STATUS”], so anyone looking from the Dynamics point of view can see that we physically sent out a Word document for client signature.

I’ll just flick over here to my inbox, and this is what the client would see. In this scenario this is what Jake's seeing; he can see it's coming from Preact sales and, again you set up who that sends from.

[ONCE YOU CLICK EMAIL] it goes into this and you can see this is just DocuSign features, as you set these templates up with what you want them to see. [CLICK] “Review Document” and then of course he can go in here [DOCUMENT OPENS], just accept this [POP UP] and allow pop up blockers and whatever he needs to do.

This is now just using DocuSign functionality. You can see we're using a Word document, but a lot of people say ‘oh well what if we use Word and they can go in and change the figures’. As you can see I'm clicking [THE PAGE] and nothing's changing. This is physically how it is; they can't change this at all, and the only things they can do is sign it and review later.

Again, you can see invoice information, the quote ID, you know our location [ADDRESS] but those repeating lines that we've got against that quote have also come through. We've got an envelope ID as well, so if you logged in DocuSign you can see the reference back in there as well.

I'm not going to sign it now, just to show you how this works. If this person just closes this browser down, or they could come here and click finish later, or even decline to sign. I clicked finish later.

If we go back to Dynamics, again anyone in Dynamics now doesn't have to go and quickly look at what's happening in DocuSign they can come in here. I'll just refresh this, and as you can see the status now has gone from “Sent” to “Delivered”. The fact that it's “Delivered” means that it's been reviewed. We know that they've looked at this; they've cast their eye over it, they might need to go and get signed off by their manager or whatever they need to do.

Eventually, maybe a week later or whatever else, Jake gets his approval from his manager. He comes in here [DOCUSIGN EMAIL] he clicks review and then he can just go ‘okay I'm now ready to sign’. He clicks on the “Sign” option here, this is now using DocuSign features.

You can see based on his name, it will give his initials and it gives him a little preview on which signature he might want to adopt and sign with. If I click “Change Style”, you can scroll up and down, and you can pick different values in here if you need. You can upload something if you've previously designed your own signatures using other software, you can do that, or you can come in here and just draw something fancy on here if you need to, you can clear it and start again.

Effectively you just do “Adopt and Sign”, for whichever signature you want to choose, it then goes against this in here [SIGNATURE LOCATION] and then the client would then click finish.

That's it, they've done everything from their point of view, they can sign up for a free DocuSign account if they want to or not, but they just click “No Thanks” for now and that's it, they've now signed this off.

You can see that if I go to my inbox: the person who sent it from Dynamics, if they're in their Outlook, can see that it's been sent out. When it goes to “Completed”, it comes back into their inbox to say it's completed as well.

If we go back to Dynamics and we refresh this [DOCUMENT STATUS], you can see status now says “Completed”. This will probably feed a few views that you've got over here, shows me all contacts that have not been signed off or quotes.

If we go back to the “Details” tab, where we had our previous document we now have a PDF in here, and this is now the signed document. If we click on here [PDF DOCUMENT] and just load this up, anyone in Dynamics can now physically see what's been signed. You don't have to go away from the database to see this; it's all in here like that.

Thanks for listening, if you're interested in this please feel free to get in touch and we can help you deploy this to your instance.

How the DocuSign Connector Works

Tired of creating, uploading and attaching signed order form documents? With Preact's DocuSign solution, there is no quicker way to deliver sales quotes for electronic signature.

Simply click 'Get Signature' from the quote toolbar in Dynamics 365, select the appropriate template and your document is immediately sent by DocuSign. Once the document is signed this is automatically added to the quote record and the contact record timeline.

  • Works with any standard Microsoft Word template
  • Configured for Dynamics 365 Quotes - can be extended to other entities
  • Automatically sends notification emails to record owners and the user who sends the document
  • Allows Dynamics 365 users to track and see when documents have been sent, received, opened and signed
  • Signed copy of each document is sent to each customer
  • Certificate of completion PDF document is attached to the record history in Dynamics 365

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DocuSign in Dynamics 365?

Once this solution is configured, from a Dynamics 365 quote record (or another record type if required) click the 'Get Signature' button and select the appropriate document template. This will send a personalised document to the recipient via DocuSign. When the document is out for signature, the current status can be checked from the source record in Dynamics 365. Once this is signed, the completed documentation will automatically be saved to the source record. These processes are fully handled within the Dynamics 365 interface so there isn't a requirement for users to have a separate DocuSign account.

How much does DocuSign cost?

This solution includes credits for DocuSign envelopes that will provide sufficient capacity for most usage needs and for these scenarios there is no additional cost for DocuSign.

What does DocuSign integrate with?

Our connector is provided with inbuilt integration for Dynamics 365 Quote record but this can be adapted to work with other standard and custom entities.

DocuSign Connector Pricing

The Docusign Connector for Dynamics 365 is one of many solutions that are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 Managed Service. This can also be purchased using our Solutions 365 subscription from £8.25+VAT per user / month which provides full access to all the packaged products in Preact's Solutions Hub.

A DocuSign subscription is not required. Our Elevate 365 managed service and Solutions 365 subscriptions each include capacity for a limited number of DocuSign Envelopes (electronic documents) per month.

Further solutions which can be deployed using either of these subscriptions include:

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