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Preact's dedicated course management application for training organisations, built on the Microsoft Power Platform

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Course Manager Bookings

Are you managing course bookings in spreadsheets?

Unify your course data with a single app to manage delegates and instantly check the status of each booking.

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Is too much time spent on repetitive course admin tasks?

Improve the handling of your routine tasks with guided processes and intelligent workflow automation.

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Looking to boost training feedback scores?

Get closer to your delegates with timely, personalised messages at every step.

Are you struggling to keep on top of your course management processes?

Here at Preact, we have a long track record in helping training organisations make a step change in performance using CRM solutions. We deploy connected systems that empower teams to provide consistent training experiences, reduce course admin and increase the value of their data.

Course Manager is our CRM product for training providers to track course activities and manage relationships. Move away from spreadsheets and duplicated effort, to a single, secure cloud solution that will simplify the management of your customers, sales, courses and communications.

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Demonstrating Course Manager

Video Transcript

Training Providers are always working hard to improve delegate experiences. But that’s hard to achieve if processes are…

Training Providers are always working hard to improve delegate experiences.

But that’s hard to achieve if processes aren’t connected, and your data is stored in spreadsheets and multiple applications.

Meet Course Manager from Preact!

Software built for Training Providers, to unify course data, reduce admin and boost productivity.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Course Manager natively connects with familiar Microsoft apps including Outlook and Dynamics 3-6-5.

Log into Course Manager to check key insights and get instant visibility of the training data that’s relevant to you.

Find all repeatable courses for online or in-person events listed in the Course Catalogue.

The active course list provides a quick view of scheduled courses.

Let’s look at an upcoming Health & Safety course. The essential information about this event is shown on the course form.

For this training workshop, we can confirm the venue, instantly see how many delegates are currently booked, and how many spaces are remaining.

To enrol more delegates, we’ll create a new booking.

Each booking is linked to a course record, and these can also be associated with account and contact records.

Until a booking is confirmed, delegate places will only be provisionally held for a limited time.

Once payment is received, the booking will be confirmed, and delegate contact details can be added.

Course bookings can also be created automatically using Preact's deals application for sales teams, or directly from Dynamics 3-6-5 Sales.

Dates and times for individual sessions within a training course can also be defined.

Course Manager tracks each trainer as a resource, with their individual records detailing skills and course history, as well as the daily rates of external trainers.

Now let’s book a trainer for an upcoming session. On the Organise Trainers tab, we've shortlisted two potential resources, so we’ll send an email asking them to confirm their availability.

The detail shared in these invitations is automatically populated using information entered in Course Manager. Individual sections covering training venues and sessions can be shown, or hidden, as appropriate.

Course joining instructions can be quickly sent to each delegate by selecting the appropriate email template and document attachment.

When courses are completed, certifications can be tracked and sent to the training organiser or directly to each delegate.

As part of this process, a valid certification period is automatically recorded.

Course Manager from Preact enables training providers to overcome the challenge of course administration to deliver consistent training experiences.

It establishes a centralised course catalogue with purpose-built processes for training organisations that enables everyone to instantly see the status of each booking.

Course Manager is quick to deploy and adapts to fit the requirements of small and mid-sized training firms.

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Training Administration Software

  • Track each repeatable course in the course catalogue to quickly scheduled new events
  • Centralise detail about each training location including rooms, capacity and costs
  • Set the course duration to automatically calculate end times
  • Manage certifications by settings terms for each course
  • Profile courses by type including online courses, public workshops and private tuition

Track every interaction

Each email, booking, course attendance, activity and any other interaction is accessible within the Course Manager user interface.

With a clear and complete view of each relationship, everyone’s efforts are better focused to personalise interactions and delight delegates.

Powerful role-based security permissions ensure data is protected and your people have the appropriate access levels.

Course Manager Contact Record screenshot

Reduce Course Admin

Use Course Manager to systemise your business processes and automate routine tasks to enhance service and reduce the burden of administration:

  • Send emails within the flow of course bookings and other repeatable processes to share personalised information and provide timely notifications
  • Shortlist prospective trainers and send email invites which are automatically populated with course information so these resources can be quickly booked
  • Automate post-training follow ups to distribute course certifications and request delegate feedback
Course Manager Session Overview screenshot

Course Manager Integrations

As a Microsoft Power Platform product, Course Manager natively integrates with these applications and services:

Course Manager Visualisation showing main capabilities

Course Manager Pricing

As a prebuilt product, Course Manager can be rapidly deployed, requiring minimal configuration. This product is available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 managed service, or through our Solutions 365 subscription at £8.25+VAT per user / month which includes access to all our packaged products.

Each Course Manager user must be licensed with Power Apps which offers highly affordable licensing from just £3.80+VAT per user / month with a Power Apps Plan.

How Preact’s Course Manager CRM App Helps Training Providers Reduce Admin, Minimise Costs, & Improve Delegate Experiences

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Course Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

This is designed for SMB training providers that are looking to transition from Excel spreadsheets or CRM applications which aren't currently meeting expectations. Course Manager provides a set of prebuilt functions to handle core course management processes, so this is well suited for organisations that want to quickly implement an industry aligned solution but avoid the complexity and expense of unnecessary features.

The Course Manager application does not provide inbuilt sales capabilities but this natively connects with Preact's Deals application that provides sales tracking capabilities. Course Manager can also be connected with Dynamics 365 Sales (requires a separate Dynamics 365 Sales licence).

Each user of Course Manager must be licensed with a Power Apps pass. This may already be provided as part of existing user licensing for Dynamics 365 or a Power Apps per user plan. A user pass can be activated by purchasing a Power Apps per app plan, at £3.80 per user / month.

Course Manager is a Power App built on the Microsoft Power Platform. As a model-driven app, this provides the same user interface compared to most Dynamics 365 modules and other Power Apps. Data is securely stored in the cloud using Microsoft's common data model (Dataverse) enabling this to be connected with other applications and services including Power BI, Power Automate workflows, Outlook and Dynamics.

The product is supplied with multiple entities and relationship types to handle training provider scenarios. These include: delegates, venues, courses, bookings, resources, certificates, course sessions and payments. Course Manager also includes standard entities such as accounts, contacts and activities.

As a Power App, Course Manager is highly scalable, enabling additional functionality and processes to be configured as required.

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