Loqate Bank Account Validation

Instantly check bank account details are entered correctly in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps to avoid mistakes and payment errors

Bank Validation Instant Verfication

Instant Verification

Enter any UK sort code and bank account number to check they are valid.

Bank Validation Bank

Completes Bank Details

Returns the bank name, branch title, address, phone number and IBAN.

Bank Validation Reduce Admin

Reduces Administration

Save time and reduce costs by validating bank details at the point of entry.

Demonstrating Bank Account Validation

Video Transcript

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Preact’s Bank Validation Solution is really useful if we’re having to validate bank details for taking payments, donatio…

Preact’s Bank Validation Solution is really useful if we’re having to validate bank details for taking payments, donations, sponsorships or even regular payments for orders.

It’s using the Loqate services solution again, formerly known as PostcodeAnywhere, like the Address Capture solution we also have.

It can work anywhere on any form, against any entity, that you need to add the information in.

All you need to do is put in a Sort Code and Account Number, and then click validate.

As soon as you do that, it will go away, grab the data and validate the Sort Code and Account Number.

The information that comes back will confirm the Account Number, Sort Code, whether it is valid, the IBAN number, the bank that the details is registered to, the branch and the parent head office address contact information you might need.

The information comes in as field level data, which means that is possible to search by field I.e. search for valid status as “No”.

That is it. Sort code, Account Number, Validate, and then all the details are filled in for you, into Dynamics.

How it Works

Preact's Bank Validation control can be added to any Dynamics 365 record form, for any entity, to help combat failed payments and time-consuming admin tasks.

Loqate Bank Account Validation for Dynamics 365

Simply enter a sort code and an 8-digit account number for any UK bank account and click the "validate" button. Loqate's industry-leading technology then provides real-time checks to ensure reliable data at the point-of-entry. From branch names and IBAN, to confirming each bank account supports direct debit payments, this solution returns all the necessary details to deal with successful payments.

  • Save money - avoids bank charges caused by re-processing failed payments
  • Improves service - eliminates failed direct debit payments to avoid delays and disruptions in your service delivery
  • Searchable fields - bank details populate dedicated fields so data can be applied to searches and filters
  • Regular updates - seamless Loqate data updates means that new accounts and sort codes will be recognised


The Loqate Bank Validation control for Dynamics 365 is free for Preact Managed Service clients.

A Loqate subscription is not required. Regular and premium managed service agreements from Preact each include separate capacities for Loqate lookups each month.

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How to Deploy Preact Bank Validation Solution

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