Lapsed Records Solution

Easily identify neglected records in Dynamics 365, or your Power App, based on configurable criteria using our automated solution

Lapsed Records Any entity

Works on any Entity

Includes default queries for Accounts, Cases and Opportunities.

Lapsed Records Automatic

Auto-Status Updates

Updates the status reason on matching records.

Lapsed Records Configurable


Determine how frequently automated queries will run.

How it Works

Reduce the risk of losing customers and prospective deals resulting from a lack of recent engagement.

The Lapsed Record solution will automatically check your Dynamics 365 environment to identify and flag any records where no engagements have been tracked within a defined timeframe. This solution features a set of FetchXML queries which can be edited or expanded, as appropriate.

  • Use a prebuilt Power Automate flow to determine how frequently the FetchXML query will run. For example, schedule daily or weekly automated checks.
  • The status reason of each record found by this query will be automatically set. By default this is set a 'Lapsed' but this value can be modified.
  • Configure your own views or reports which dynamically list lapsed records to ensure these are proactively followed up.
Lapsed accounts

FetchXML queries supplied with this solution include:

Lapsed Accounts:

  • No activities within the last 3 months
  • No opportunities within the last 6 months
  • No cases within the last 12 months
  • No order fulfilled within the last 12 months

Lapsed Cases:

  • No activities within the last 6 months

Lapsed Opportunities:

  • No activities within the last 3 months

FetchXML expertise is required to create or modify queries using this solution. If required, Preact is able to undertake this work on behalf of its clients.


Lapsed Records for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps is available at no additional cost for Preact Managed Service clients.

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How to Deploy Lapsed Records

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