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Starting with feedback and ideas collected from the Preact community, our team releases new add-ons each month which improve end-user experiences and add functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and solutions built on the Power Platform.

Each product in our Solutions Catalogue is available to Preact managed service clients at no additional cost.

As new releases and product updates are added every month the value of these solutions continuously increases for the entire Preact community. See below for details of what we are working on next!

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Coming Soon...

We are actively developing add-ons that will make further enhancements. These include:

Approvals Management

Customisable process to manage any type of sales approval including notifications.

Renewals Manager

Pricing toolkit to trigger renewal processes on products and recurring services.

Visual Connections

New visualisation showing the roles and relationships between any related Dynamics 365 records.

Timestamp Statistics

Automated timestamp to track and report sales stage entry, exit and duration.

Creditsafe Connector

Search and view detail about companies and directors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Preact offer packaged Dynamics 365 solutions?

We use insights from our engagements with the Preact Community to create repeatable products that empower users do more with Dynamics 365. These are designed to add more capabilities to Dynamics 365, make usability improvements, simplify data capture and improve business processes.

What solutions are available?

Our catalogue includes solutions for address capture, bank account verification, integration with DocuSign, record tagging, customisable autonumbers and more. The Solutions Catalogue continues to expand as we add new products each month.

How much are these solutions?

Each product in our Solutions Catalogue is available to Preact managed service clients at no additional cost. As part of this agreement, our clients can deploy individual solutions for all their users and receive entitlement to new products as these are released.

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