Scribe Data Integration

In today's era of big data you have access to unprecedented volumes of data about your customers and prospects.

To interpret and make sense of this, agile businesses integrate and analyze data in a single business application like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The benefits of an integrated data solution are well proven for saving time and reducing operating costs. Scribe data integration solutions will enable you to connect your data sources with Dynamics CRM in cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

Scribe’s unique approach, configurable integration software, enables businesses of all sizes to achieve enterprise-class integration without incurring enterprise level expense. As a Scribe partner, Preact help organisations connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ERP, websites and other platforms to unify their front and back offices.

By integrating relationship, transactional, behavioural and data sources with Dynamics CRM the advantages are clear:

  • Use complete customer information to provide a first class service
  • Execute highly personalised marketing campaigns
  • Faster responsiveness to web form enquiries
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Remove manual data entry and mistakes
  • Improve process flows by delivering faster access to critical customer data

With proven integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Scribe avoids the need for manual coding and maintenance making it easy for your business to connect your data sources.

Many of our clients are already reaping the benefits of a fully integrated CRM solution. Contact us to learn more about Scribe solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.