Our CRM Developments

Through our team of Microsoft Technology Specialists we develop solutions that extend the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In response to customer requests to personalise Dynamics CRM, improve processes and create a better user experience we've developed a series of solutions.

These include:

Project Management

How our project management solution plans project tasks and tracks the delivery of work through a project timeline.

Webinar Integration

How we use Scribe Online to connect Microsoft Dynamics with GoToWebinar to import registrants & attendee data to CRM.

Generate Automatic Account Numbers

Generate unique account numbers for new Dynamics CRM accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Automatically Assign Territories

How we configure Dynamics to automatically assign account and lead records to territories using postcode data.

Automatic Lead Scoring

How our lead scoring solution automatically grades leads to determine which ones are sales-ready.

Round Robin Activity Scheduling

How our round robin scheduler distributes marketing campaign activities among users to ensure that tasks are equally allocated between a team of users.