Xero Connector for Dynamics 365

Synchronise Microsoft Dynamics 365 data with Xero accounting software

Preact has developed a connector to automatically sync data to Xero accounting from Dynamics 365 that shortcuts processing time and improves data accuracy.

Demonstrating Xero Connector for Dynamics 365

Demonstrating how data can be synchronised from Dynamics 365 to Xero for accounts, contacts, products and orders.

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In this short video we’ll show you how we've built an integration from Dynamics 365 into the Xero platform. To start wi…

Creating Records

When a new Account record is created in Dynamics 365 this is automatically applied to Xero as a Contact. Through our connector, new Dynamics 365 Contact records are automatically pushed to Xero as a Contact Person.

Dynamics users are able to verify synchronisation is successful by checking the Xero Contact ID on the main account form which should be populated.

Xero create record

Updating / Deleting Records

When field data is updated on Account and Contact records in Dynamics 365 that are synchronised with a Xero Contact or Contact Person these changes will automatically be applied.

If a synchronised Account or Contact is subsequently deleted in Dynamics, the corresponding record will also be deleted in Xero.

Primary Contacts

For Primary Contacts that are defined on a Dynamics 365 account that is synchronised with Xero, these contacts will be added as a Xero Primary Person.

Sync primary contact

Additional Dynamics 365 Contacts

When a new Dynamics 365 contact is created against an account that is already synchronised with Xero the new record will be added to the existing Xero Contact.

Add Dynamics contacts and sync to Xero

Any subsequent changes to synchronised Dynamics 365 contact records, for example a new email address, will reflect on the linked Xero Contact Person.

Products and Orders

Further synchronisation processes are available through this connector to cover:

  • Synchronise Dynamics 365 Products to Xero Products and Services
  • Dynamics 365 Order records synchronised as Xero Invoices.
  • FAQs

    Can data be synchronised from Xero to Dynamics 365?
    Currently this connector is a one way synchronisation process from Dynamics to Xero accounting.

    Will the connector pickup our existing Dynamics 365 Accounts and Contacts and sync these to Xero?
    An automated workflow can be applied that will retrospectively synchronise Accounts and Contacts to Xero.

    What action will a Dynamics user need to take to create a new account in Xero?
    When the connector is deployed, upon creating the new Account record in Dynamics the automated process will sync these new records to Xero as Contact records. Product and order records from Dynamics can also be synchronised to Xero.

    What technology is this connector built on?
    The Xero connector is developed using Azure Logic Apps.

    How to Deploy Preact's Xero Connector

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