What Does Our Microsoft Gold Status Mean To You?

2021 Microsoft Gold Partner Logo

Preact is Microsoft Gold partner for Cloud Customer Relationship Management solutions having first attained Gold CRM certification back in 2009. But how does this benefit your organisation?

It's easy to make references to impressive sounding accolades but these are of little value if few know what they mean, or what goes into achieving and maintaining these. Being a Microsoft partner takes significant investment and ongoing commitment, and we want to show you what's involved.

Competency Areas

Each Microsoft accreditation is aligned to a specific product.

When choosing a prospective Dynamics 365 partner, you should check to see that they are not just a Microsoft partner, but have certification for the appropriate competency you need.

To make it to the gold certification level, a company has to meet several requirements which includes having a portfolio of successful projects and a certain number of developers on staff who’ve passed certification exams.

Preact holds a Gold partner status for Cloud CRM and the recently introduced Microsoft Cloud Business Applications. Gold status demonstrates the best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area.

From among its Gold partners, Microsoft designates the best performing firms the status of Managed Partner which gives us access to Microsoft's team including commercial and technical solution specialists. Through this we have a direct line to insider information on upcoming events, product updates, new releases and promotional deals.

In working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold partner you can expect to receive the highest level of expertise and technical support available. This includes an ability to solve complex issues or challenges, which your business may encounter when implementing, integrating and developing Dynamics 365 solutions.

What we have to do

In order to attain our Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management status, at least 5 members of our team must complete, and renew, Microsoft's exam requirements across a series of modules. These exams include the online deployment of Dynamics 365 across Customer Engagement apps including Sales, Customer Service and Field Service.

Microsoft will also independently contact 5 of our clients to request a full reference.

Finally, Preact must also meet Microsoft's annual target for net new Dynamics 365 cloud revenue.

Our additional Cloud Business Applications Gold status reflects an additional requirement that Preact has met for at least 15 members of our team to pass a series of technical and functionality exams.

As a Microsoft partner and certified member, each company must renew its membership each year.

What it means we can do for you

You get better support:

As a partner we get access to Microsoft support on-demand. If a client's system has gone down or is experiencing a major issue, as your Dynamics 365 support partner we will be able to provide advice directly from Microsoft.

You get real expertise

Microsoft expects its partners to know their stuff in helping clients implement sustainable solutions and get the most from their technology. Gold Partners must demonstrate they truly understand their specialised field and are at the cutting edge when it comes to extending and developing Microsoft products.

You benefit from our training

We get access to the latest Microsoft learning resources and tools so all that technical expertise gets fed back to you.

Informed advice

By staying up to date about the latest Dynamics 365 news and future plans helps us share insight and give you the best advice for the future which is reflected in our consultancy, product licensing, user training, webinars and blog updates.

Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications 2020/2021

Inner Circle

In July 2020, we were delighted to be named to the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications for the third consecutive year.

Its members are an elite group of partners singled out by Microsoft for demonstrating exceptional business results, deep commitment to customer success and clear strategic alignment with Microsoft.

Inner Circle membership is limited to just 60 partner organisations globally which reflects the top 1% of Microsoft partners. Quantitative selection criteria includes: Dynamics 365 customer adds, year on year growth in Cloud revenue and new Cloud revenue.

Qualitative controls include: support of Microsoft's strategy, relative importance of the partner in the market, adoption of broader Microsoft Cloud products and partner investments in differentiating their solutions.

Included in the benefits of Inner Circle membership, partners receive ongoing executive sponsorship and privileged support from Microsoft that will further help us in supporting our clients.

To learn more about our certifications, or to see how we can deliver Dynamics 365 solutions to solve your unique challenges, contact us today.