Microsoft Dynamics 365 Webinars

Demonstrating Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Natively integrated within Dynamics 365, the Project Service Automation brings together people, processes and technology to manage the quoting, pricing and billing for each project. Join this presentation to find out how PSA helps organisation to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget, while increasing productivity.

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A selection of our recorded presentations:

Demonstrating Dynamics 365 for Sales Teams

An introductory presentation demonstrating how Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits needs of selling teams. In this webinar we featured Outlook email tracking in Dynamics 365, sales insight analytics, process flows to manage leads and opportunites, quote management and working with account and contact records.

Demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

See examples of how connected Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions enable organisations to deliver a unified customer service experience across multiple channels and touch points. In this demonstration we include case management, self-service portals, unified service desk, interactive service hub, voice of the customer services and Power BI service analytics.

Power BI Showcase

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics solution that enables anyone to easily visualize and analyze their data. In this presentation we demonstrated how Power BI provides actionable insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other data sources to help you run your business with informed data-driven decisions.

Get Ready for the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Start planning your migration to the Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps by learning more about the new framework. In this recorded webinar we demonstrate the new UI capabilities, discuss the main navigation changes and explain how this compares to the classic web interface

What's New in Dynamics 365 - Version 9

In this presentation we discuss the main changes in D365 Version 9 and demonstrate new features including the Unified User Interface, Virtual Entities, Multi-Select fields and updated security controls. 

Demonstrating Dynamics 365 Integrated Web Portals

Demonstrating how Dynamics 365 is helping businesses improve their service and achieve greater scale by deploying a integrated portal that is accessible 24/7 by their customers, partners and other contacts. We provide an overview of this solution including template options, user permissions and explain how end-users create / read cases, access knowledge records and write data back to Dynamics 365.

Demonstrating Universal Resource Scheduling 

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps field service teams transform their processes to increase customer satisfaction and resource productivity.

Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps field service teams transform their processes to increase customer satisfaction and resource productivity. 

How to Power Up Business Growth with Dynamics 365

Featuring a selection of our customer success stories, this presentation shares examples of how businesses use Dynamics 365 to add greater scale, increase productivity and work smarter by connecting processes, gaining new insights and driving customer engagement.

Increase Efficiency With CRM Embedded Marketing Automation

Demonstrating how Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions embedded marketing automation increases efficiency by bridging the gap between sales and marketing. In this presentation you'll see examples of how these solutions help marketing teams work smarter to attract more leads and engage customers.

Demonstrating Microsoft Social Engagement

We demonstrate how Microsoft Social Engagement creates new insights and how it helps businesses communicate effectively across social channels. We also explain why Microsoft Social Engagement is relevant for sales, marketing and customer service teams, and how this integrates with Dynamics 365.

GDPR Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Demonstrating a new solution developed by our friends at Data8 that aims to alleviate the complexity of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within Dynamics 365 for easier governance of personal data. In this presentation, we demonstrate how Data8 Provenance helps businesses manage key aspects of this regulation including the ‘right to be forgotten’ and tracking consent statements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification builds on fantasy sports to increase business productivity through user engagement and competition. Users can participate in individual and team competitions that motivate them to achieve performance targets by offering prizes and recognition. 

With KPI's that reflect any activity data tracked by Dynamics 365, Gamification motivates users to do more.

Maximising Office 365 With Microsoft Teams, Flow & SharePoint

Gain greater value from Office 365 and the Microsoft Power platform by utilising the functions and services you might not know. With our friends at Valto, we'll share examples of how new apps and processes can be implemented using Microsoft Flow, Teams and Sharepoint to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

How to Fix, Find & Prevent Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365

Duplicate records are the biggest cause of CRM quality control issues and in this presentation we’ll introduce a new solution developed by our friends at Data8 that makes duplicate records a thing of the past. Duplicare uses bespoke rules to de-duplicate, quickly merge and standardise multiple records all at once in Dynamics 365 or CRM 2016.