Visual Connections

Easily see the relationships that exist between records with a visual display of the standard connection feature for Dynamics 365.

Connection Visibility

Visualisations show connection roles between each related record.

Fit any requirement

Works on any Entity 

Can be configured for any Dynamics 365 entity which supports connections.

Simple Navigation

Follow connection paths and open any connected record from the visualisation.

How it Works

Dynamics 365 includes standard functionality to define relationships and roles between records. This detail is shown in a sub-grid for each record but in scenarios that involve multiple connections, these views can prove confusing. 

As a result, users may encounter difficulty understanding how a specific record relates to another.

That's why we've created this packaged solution so users are able to visualise related records. From this display, each relationship with the current record can be quickly identified. This also includes visibility of one-way and bi-directional connections between records.


Price per user / month

Available at no cost to Preact Managed Service Clients

All enabled users are automatically counted.

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