Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Our training provider solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps training companies reduce course administration and concentrate on client-focused activity to deliver outstanding training.

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Demonstrating Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Examples of how Preact can implement Dynamics 365 solutions for training providers. This features examples of using Dynamics to manage courses, schedule trainers and streamline workflows to handle bookings and minimise course administration.

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Preact’s training solution sits on top of Dynamics 365, this can be for Sales or Service apps. This is packaged up with …

Preact’s training solution sits on top of Dynamics 365, this can be for Sales or Service apps. This is packaged up with some custom entities and it leverages the resource scheduler engine.

In this example we’ve got a list of courses, when I click in, this presents a list of courses that are ongoing. We can have different views in here, for example to see which courses need to have a trainer booked for.

If I click into this course, which may have been created on the fly or mass imported at the start of the year, you can see the form which can be customised to fit your specific needs.

This shows the course name, which account the course is booked for, where is it? Is it location agnostic, or is it on-site, is it at one of our venues? You can specify at of that if you need to. What territory is it in? Is it in the south-east, do we need to specify a venue in here? These venues will sit over in the accounts table as their own venues area? How long is it going to be for? Is it a workshop or master class? Again all of this information can be custom.

We've then got the latitude and longitude as well putting from where the account is, or from the venue if we need to. We can add some cost in, so general costs and if there's any funding costs.

Then once we save the record and save the course, you can see we haven't associated an external trainer or an internal trainer yet. We can have either / or in here, or both. We've got no bookings for this which is why it's showing this course is without a trainer. Down here there's a certain capacity on each of these courses. It might be that we can only take eight delegates to one training session. Then we can see the capacity is eight but it's clear nobody is booked on this course yet so we've got space.

The phone rings and you've got all these courses pre-set, then we can quickly run a few filters. Say, show me the ones which have got availability within a certain time frame and the dates and everything else.

Down here [on the course record], we can add new course attendees based on when they're actually declaring their interest. I might say we've got a delegate and it's going to be Aaron, he's one of our Contacts. At this point maybe he's only interested and we can then just do a save on that. If not, and he pays, we might change this to be paid and enter the fee due and paid.

If we need to send joining instructions in an email we can click on here. We can then just save this. Then what we see once that saves when we are on the course record go back and there's now an activity in there. The email now been sent with course joining instructions. That appears on his individual contact, and we see that on the course record itself as well. When we click on the actual course now we can that Aaron Berg has decided that he's going to come along as a delegate on this training course.

If we just refresh, this would automatically recalculate every day, save this and you can see I can then calculate how much was paid and how people booked on the course.

If we had four or five of those people in here that'd be £1200 in here as it’s adding up all of the fees that have been paid against this course for each individual.

This tells us how many people on there, it's also then telling us, if I just refresh this, we’ve actually now got seven spaces left because there's one person that's on the course - whether that's driven by the status being paid or interested.

Then what we can do, once we've got all these parameters in here is we can click up here [on the course record ribbon] and we can click 'Book'. That's going to leverage the resource scheduling engine. It's going to pop up with this group calendar. This takes all of those dates that we've added in, how long the course is for, so for the eight hours, and it's telling me that we've got all of these people available.

These are users or external trainers if we need them to be in here as contacts. These are all available on these times and days so from 9am to 5pm. Also the distance, so I had put a valid latitude and longitude, that would pull through as well. It would then tell us how the travel time.

If expand the filters capability, over here it's searching for all this information. Then what you can do is if you really wanted to, you could then search for specific territories if you need to so. It might be that you're only looking for a trainer in the south-east. You may search in there you're only looking for a trainer of a specific skill or rating, it might just be that you don’t want a level 2 trainer or something like that.

I could come in here and say this is a mental health training course. I want to look for anyone with this training skill, it then filters out all those people who are available on those dates just to find trainers who have got this skill set.

If I right-click on Fiona and the resource card, we can see Fiona has appeared because she can deliver mental health training as part of her skill matrix.

Once we've done this, it might be that I want to book her out. I can book Fiona as a hard booking, committed - you can change different statuses. You might have to go back to the client to put this as proposal. For example, then they confirm the dates or okay with them or whatever needs to happen and then we can click ‘book’ and exit here.

By doing so, this has now created a booking for us. We then see this on the actual course itself we can see that this is the booking that's taking place, this is the individual in all the details around this. When Fiona then logs in on an app, she can then see all of her bookings in one place as the trainer if she needs to.

She can then go on here and when these people turn up, change the statuses of their attendance if need be on the app as well. You can see in here it's now obviously associated Fiona as the trainer. When we come back over to the courses and we look at courses without a trainer, this course record has disappeared off our list because this has now been assigned and appears is this active course list for all everybody to see all the details around that.

Once the course has taken place it might be that we need to generate a certificate. We can come into something like this, whether this is a Word document, whether it's an automatic generation of a PDF that gets sent in an email to the client, we can do that as well. Just to show you what it would look like, something very similar to this…

We can do this all automatically. All it's doing is pulling in the individual contact with their individual course and any other details that we need to specify in a PDF format, or a Word format.

However you want it to be done, and it just pulls in all that information something like this which can manually or automatically be sent to the client by being attached to an email, or we can upload it to a portal so they can then come in and download it if they need to.

Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Read more about how Dynamics 365 helps training providers manage courses and increase productivity.

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Examples of our Dynamics 365 solutions for training providers include:

  • Connecting clients, courses, attendees, venues and tutors to a single platform
  • Resource scheduling
  • Managing a training product catalogue
  • Automating post-training surveys
  • Handling course certification
  • Connecting CRM with ERP applications to automate order processing and invoicing
Train Prov Ss

Course Scheduler

Use native Dynamics 365 scheduling tools to optimise training course resources and manage your bookings.

  • Quickly find the best resource for each training requirement
  • Match trainers by location, skills, preferred resource and availability
  • Schedule training programmes as recurring bookings
  • Track the current status of resources in real-time
  • Integrated schedule board includes training orders awaiting booking, resource finder, map view and calendar view

Course Entity

We'll configure a courses record form that will capture all the detail specific to your training delivery process.

Training Course Entity
  • Assign the date and time for each course and track all courses using a group calendar view
  • Manage bookings for each training venue
  • Set course duration to automatically calculate end times
  • Manage course accreditation by setting certification terms for each session
  • Profile courses by type including public workshop and private tuition
  • Associate contacts with each course including delegates, speakers and trainer

Delegate Management

Profile and segment each course delegate by tracking booking detail.

Manage Delegates
  • Associate each delegate record with a course record and contact
  • Automatically calculate certification expiry dates and use this data to handle renewal processes
  • Create personalised certificates for each delegate record using pre-defined Word templates
  • Profile each delegate with a status reason e.g. interest, paid, attended and did not attend
  • Send joining instruction emails using a field triggered automated process

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