Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Telecommunications

Effective CRM and business support systems connect sales, marketing and customer service across all telecoms relationships.

This includes partners, distributors, retailers, service providers, as well as direct and indirect sales channels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps telecommunications providers manage their diverse processes and build customer-centric operations.

Grow Business

Can you access accurate sales forecasts on-demand?

From short term goals to longer term targets, use Dynamics 365 to understand sales activity and advance your plans.

Increase Sales Productivity

Wasting time through duplicated effort?

Work smarter using connected apps and familiar Office tools that help sales teams win faster.

Single Source of Truth

Do you have a clear view of each relationship?

Unify client data in one place for a complete view of each relationship, accessible by any device.

Six Reasons Why Telcos Choose Dynamics 365

#1 Manage Any Relationship

Dynamics 365 adapts to manage your diverse relationships including customers, distributors and partners, ensuring a connected system that will fuel your growth.

#2 Contract Management

Manage contracts and renewals centrally within Dynamics 365 to gain usage insight and develop connected processes that save time and boost renewal rates.

#3 Connected Data

Dynamics 365 centralises data, making it accessible in one place through a single interface that enables integrated sales, marketing, service and finance.

#4 Works With Office 365

Dynamics uses the same cloud data storage as Office 365 / Microsoft 365 apps bringing together business processes and personal productivity. Leverage Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Word and other familiar tools for an unrivalled connected experience.

#5 Transform Processing Efficiency

Modernise processes to replace repetitive manual tasks with timely, automated processes. Provide on-screen guidance to team members through repeatable workflows with contextual, prescriptive steps. These ensure consistent handling and enforce your processing rules to help users qualify leads, resolve service issues, and reach successful outcomes across other routine workflows.

#6 Track Your KPI's

Use personalised views and dashboards to monitor your Key Performance Indicators in real-time to assess performance insights and take proactive action. Connect Power BI for rich visualisations and identify trends that support informed decision-making.

How we support Telecoms Providers

Preact has many years experience implementing and supporting solutions for telecommunications companies. Our solutions include:

  • Integration with telecoms billing and ERP platforms
  • Multi-channel relationship management including distribution and retail
  • Handling subscription-based sales
  • Service Care processes with automated case routing and SLA monitoring
  • Deploying self-service customer and partner web portals
  • Project management for provisioning processes
  • Referral management capability
  • Automation of selling and marketing processes
  • Contract and renewal processes

Learn more about our implementation approach.

Case Study

“Compared to our previous supplier, Preact has been far more responsive and demonstrated a ‘can-do’ approach. Our discussions are always consultative which has helped us understand just how much is possible in Microsoft Dynamics.”

Laura Fowler, Business Account Manager, Source Telecom

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