Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Win top talent and set them up for success

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent empowers HR teams and people managers with tools to recruit top candidates and accelerate their success.

Increase Win Rates

Missing out on candidates due to gaps in your hiring processes?

Connect recruiters, managers & interviewers to better collaborate and attract top talent.

Empower People

Want to increase engagement & promote staff development?

Streamline processes & create programmes that will drive an agile, high-performance culture.

Lower Hiring Costs

Are you looking to reduce costs when recruiting new talent?

Reduce the time to hire by creating collaborative, connected people experiences.

Attract Module

Modernise talent acquisition to attract the right candidates

Take control of the hiring process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract and LinkedIn to find, engage and hire the best people.

  • Structure the hiring experience with configurable stages and activities.
  • Access real-time candidate information across LinkedIn Recruiter and Attract enabling recruiters and hiring managers to save time, collaborate better and more effectively manage candidate pipelines.
  • Build talent pools by tracking candidates who have the potential to fit future recruit requirements.
  • Monitor the hiring process, and get insights on candidate skills, competencies, and interview feedback. 
  • From first point of contact, ensure prospective candidates have a positive experience with LinkedIn Easy Apply and an intuitive portal that provides guidance and transparency to boost acceptance rates.
  • Quickly screen and shortlist candidates with skill, personality, and culture-fit assessments. Profiles are compared to job requirements to highlight top applicants.
  • Deep integration with Office 365 allows you to automate interview scheduling.
  • With Skype integration easily interview candidates and use mobile feedback that only the hiring manager can view to hear from all stakeholders.
  • Quickly and accurately make offers to successful candidates. Workflows, templates and approval processes help HR professionals efficiently collaborate to create compelling and compliant offers.

Onboarding Module

Create personalised onboarding experiences that accelerate time-to-impact

Remove the anxiety that comes with starting a job by making new recruits feel welcome before they join.

  • Build engagement with personalised onboarding guides that include step-by-step checklists for new hires to complete tasks prior to day one, so you can focus on a memorable first day experience.
  • Help new starters stay focused on key priorities with access to a centralised location for company information, training resources, org charts and tips that will support their onboarding.
  • Support recruits in making the right connections in your business with easily accessible, detailed contact information. 
  • Create onboarding guide templates for different roles that can be easily replicated and provide feedback opportunities to continuously improve your onboarding experience.

Core HR Module

Build a connected employee experience

Share core HR capabilities from a single location to centralise information, enable employee self-service and promote continuous learning.

  • Increase retention by encouraging employees to proactively grow their careers by showcasing their skills within a self-service portal that aligns their competencies with new opportunities in your business.
  • Use automated tasks and configurable processes to drive actions that reduce admin and reporting complexities and minimise compliance risks.
  • Use embedded HR analytics to enhance planning and drive more informed, faster decisions.
  • Simplify leave and absence reporting by using Talent to define these guidelines including flexible dates and carry forward rules supported by easy entry and approval delegation.
  • Develop benefits programmes and improve compensation management to strengthen your Core HR function.
  • Centralise data by integrating Dynamics 365 Talent with your existing systems to connect data across a common platform.
  • Deliver HR from anywhere, anytime, on any device to improve communication, collaboration and responsiveness with secure access to data including dashboards.

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