Dynamics 365 System Take On

There may be several reasons why you are looking for a new Microsoft Dynamics partner to support your system. For example, your company may be in one, or a combination, of these scenarios:

  • You have lost confidence in your current partner or developer due to project slippage, poor quality or limited product knowledge
  • You don't have the in-house skills or capacity to fully exploit Dynamics 365
  • There is a poor user experience and low user uptake
  • You haven't seen expected improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction or reporting
  • The key personnel involved in your project have moved on
  • You don't have access to a product expert who can provide insight and suggest better ways of using the technology
  • Or, you are looking to upgrade an on-premise version of Dynamics CRM

How We Help

If your Dynamics project isn't delivering the expected results, we will help you recover the situation.

We have a proven record for taking on existing projects and improving performance with a robust support and expertise that will handle existing customisations and developments.

Our experienced CRM consultants, developers and account managers have dealt with most challenges. They will quickly assess the current state of your Dynamics system and then help you implement a plan to quickly resolve issues and get your project to where it needs to be.

What you can expect from our team: 

  • Expert Dynamics 365 product knowledge from a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • A positive, proactive attitude to problem solving and transparent communication
  • Practical solutions with a focus on achieving rapid results
  • Technical expertise and mentoring for long term success with Dynamics

We will help you improve your system from every aspect to create greater value for your organisation and enhance the end user experience.

Get in touch to discuss your project, or read more about our approach.

System Take On Consultancy

Before activating a new support agreement for a Dynamics 365 / CRM system implemented in house, or currently managed by a 3rd party, Preact will undertake a system take on process.

The objective of this engagement will be to understand your precise Dynamics configuration, including any immediate issues, to make sure that we are able to efficiently support your users.

Day 1

One of our lead support analysts will attend your site and spend time with your key system administrators to get a detailed understanding of your current solution. This will cover all of your Dynamics 365 / CRM customisations, integrations and plug-ins.

Day 2

We will document the core components of your solution and use these findings to ensure that our support team are familiar with your setup and are able to best support your users. Following this, you will be able to activate your support.

During the system take on process, we will make recommendations for the best way to progress any immediate Dynamics changes that are collectively identified. The resulting work can be delivered as time purchased via a managed services agreement, or by Preact completing these items on a time and materials basis at our standard day rate.

Each situation is different, but in many instances our actions include:

Initial Fix

Once we have understood your key priorities, and what gaps currently exist, our immediate activity will be focused on resolving outstanding issues and securing early wins.

User Adoption

Building user confidence is a gradual processes. Our team will provide support, training and consultancy to improve user skills and implement change requests.

Building Better

From the outset, we will identify how your system can be improved and better optimised. From basic customisations to advanced process automation and integration, we will help you enhance the value of Dynamics.

Future Planning

By understanding your long term priorities we will look at how these goals can be met by D365. We'll proactively share insight and our expertise to help you evolve your system in support of your growth targets and respond to business change.

Managed Service

Through our managed service for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we'll address immediate requirements and help you make continual improvements.

Customer Stories

We are frequently contacted by organisations that urgently need help to rescue their Dynamics implementation, or from businesses that require help in taking their system to the next level.

Here are some examples of clients that we work with...

STIHL GB were struggling to make the progress they wanted to make with Dynamics internally and partnered with Preact  to help them make better use of the system.

"While our aim is to be autonomous in the management of CRM we rely on external guidance and we sought a partner who would help us shape our CRM strategy. I'd give Preact 10/10 for the way they are helping us manage Microsoft Dynamics. We have high standards and it is to the credit of their team that we are satisfied."

Jamie Eyton-Jones, STIHL GB - Read the case study

Source Telecom wanted to make a series of changes to their Microsoft Dynamics configuration but was frustrated at the lack of progress and guidance from its incumbent partner. As a result, a more proactive CRM provider was sought.

"Compared to our previous supplier, Preact has been far more responsive and demonstrated a ‘can-do’ approach. Our discussions are always consultative which has helped us understand just how much is possible in Microsoft Dynamics.”

Laura Fowler, Business Account Manager - Read the case study

Royal Mencap Society needed help to progress their CRM system:

“We’d recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics but we needed a CRM expert to help us take the next step. Preact have delivered a faultless service for many years. I’ve found them to be a great team to work with and I believe that sentiment would be echoed throughout our organisation.”

Gordon Pearson, Mencap - Read the case study

Our Customers Include:

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