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Make continual improvements to Dynamics 365 with product insight, technical consultancy, support and training from a managed service provider.

Do more with Dynamics 365

Do more with Dynamics

Are you getting the most from Dynamics 365?

Use our managed service to improve your business processes and increase user skills.

Support Desk

Help when you need it

Worried about wasting time seeking answers?

Minimise downtime with expert phone help to answer your Dynamics 365 questions.

Increase Engagement

Increase user engagement

Waiting too long for system customisations?

Accelerate changes by using service hours and our team will quickly action user requests. 

Dynamics 365 Managed Services Partner

With a managed service subscription, Preact handles everything from help desk requests, user training, change requests, project management, technical consultancy and development work as your dedicated CRM partner.

Phase your implementation, or take your system to the next level by configuring new features and smarter processes - and increase your in-house Dynamics 365 knowledge. 

This bespoke Dynamics service adapts to your requirements and budget. Simply choose how many hours you need, then allocate time by instructing our team to complete tasks that will increase the value of your system.

We'll help you reach successful outcomes with a Dynamics 365 service that includes:  

  • Technical Support - break / fix phone and remote help with any Dynamics 365 / CRM issues.
  • Consultancy Hours - delegate tasks to our technicians for any Dynamics related requirements. For example, configuring features, implementing new processes, system customisations and database admin jobs.
  • User Training - schedule interactive training or access online learning resources to help everyone get the best results.
  • Regular engagement calls - to discuss your plans with a Technical Account Manager.*
  • Preact IP - use our library of apps and packaged solutions at no additional cost.
  • Exclusive Webinars - sharing product insight and demonstrating new features.

Dynamics Managed Service

Already using Dynamics 365?

Find out about our take on process and how we'll help you ramp up results with Dynamics 365.

How Our Managed Service Works

  1. Select how many hours are loaded into your managed services subscription.
  2. Schedule hours on-demand by instructing our team to complete tasks that will increase the value of your system.
  3. Quickly implement user requests, configure additional features, or use service hours to carry out the next phase of your project.
  4. Resolve issues and get answers to your Dynamics questions with expert support at no additional cost.
  5. Receive advice from our technical account managers to make best use of your managed service hours.*

Dynamics 365 Managed Services & Support FAQs

What is a managed service for Dynamics 365?

This annual subscription helps organisation in minimise downtime, make continual improvements to their system, and increase user knowledge. Service hours can be allocated for any Dynamics-related activity that is fulfilled by our team. This includes scheduling work to implement user change requests, arrange training, make customisations and configure additional modules. 

What does Dynamics 365 support cover?

Break / fix support is included as part the managed service. This provides help to resolve Dynamics 365 issues and answer basic 'how to' user questions. Support for a selection of connected solutions are also covered including ClickDimensions, Power Automate and Power BI. 

How much is Dynamics 365 managed service?

The price of a managed service agreement is set by how many hours are loaded in. This will define the number of hours available for nominated users to allocate during the annual term. For example, an agreement for 3 hours per month will enable an organisation to schedule activities during the term for up to a cumulative total of 36 hours. Contact us for a quote based on how many hours you require.

Top 10 Benefits of Managed Service

Read ten reasons why you should choose Preact as your managed services partner.

Break / Fix Dynamics 365 Support

With around 30 years of supporting CRM users we have encountered most issues and a quick phone call will save you countless hours of time and lost productivity.

Our break-fix package for Dynamics 365 includes:

If your system was implemented by Preact, or another party, you'll have easy access to expert advice and Dynamics product knowledge when you need it to keep your system running smoothly. 

We’ll answer your support questions, fix issues, and help you minimise downtime to gain better results with Dynamics 365.

Suppport Comparison

Comparing our service & support Break / Fix
Managed Service
Help with basic Dynamics 'How to' questions
Help with operational issues
Schedule consultancy hours x
Access learning resources & schedule training hours x
Named Technical Account Manager* x
Includes usage of solutions from Preact IP library x
Managed Service Webinars x

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 to arrange a Dynamics 365 managed service quote today

* available upon request subject to an agreed engagement plan

Client Case Studies

Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile

Barcode Scanning Technology

Outcomes included - Faster resolution of support issues, improved user experience by migrating to unified interface, clearer understanding of channel opportunities and greater confidence in sales data to identify trends.

Oxford Gene Technology

Oxford Gene Technology

Molecular Genetics Research

Outcomes included 
Better handling of sales processes across OGT's business units and clearer visibility of client interactions across multiple touch points including sales, marketing and service.

Clarion UK

Clarion UK

Sign Language Interpretation

Outcomes included - Connected processes enabling Clarion to increase the capacity of its supported students within 12 months and improved the organisation's cash flow by reducing invoice settlement time.

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