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Maximise the value of your CRM system with

  • Access to CRM product expertise
  • Dynamics 365 technical support with a flexible subscription
  • Managed service support with no annual commitment
  • CRM consultancy
  • Training and Helpdesk support

Elevate 365 from Preact is more than a CRM technical support contract; it is a promise to help your organisation continuously improve performance using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Want to gain more value from Dynamics 365?

Access support, consultancy, training and products to grow your CRM system and increase user knowledge.

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Minimise Dynamics 365 Downtime

Use Dynamics 365 helpdesk support to resolve issues and answer user questions quickly.

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Looking to make quicker changes to CRM?

Accelerate system changes by using managed service consultancy hours.

CRM Managed Service for Dynamics 365

With an Elevate 365 subscription, Preact will handle every aspect of your Dynamics 365 system, from user support, training, customisations, and technical consultancy to development work.

You can phase your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation, take your system to the next level by configuring new features and more intelligent processes, and increase Dynamics 365 knowledge. Choose how many hours you need, then allocate time by instructing our team to complete tasks that will increase the value of your CRM system.

Elevate 365: What does Dynamics 365 Managed Service include?

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Helpdesk Support - receive quick answers and expert help to resolve any Dynamics 365 issues.

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Technical Consultancy - delegate tasks for our technicians to build processes and configure features to improve and expand your Dynamics system.

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Packaged Solutions - easily add capabilities by deploying any product in our Solutions Hub at no additional cost.

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eLearning - increase user knowledge with on-demand access to Dynamics 365 eLearning modules.

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Training - learn more by scheduling bespoke tutor-led training sessions.

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Engagement Calls - review progress and discuss plans with your Technical Account Manager.

Are you looking to do more with your Dynamics 365 system?

See examples of how Preact’s Elevate 365 Managed Service can increase the value of Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Introducing Elevate 365 Managed Service

Video Transcript

Are you looking to do more with Dynamics 365? Benefit from expert CRM help and on-demand resources to improve performanc…

Are you looking to do more with Dynamics 365? Benefit from expert CRM help and on-demand resources to improve performance throughout your organisation.

Elevate 365 is the all-inclusive managed service from Preact that covers support, technical consultancy, pre-built solutions, user training and e-learning. All accessible through a single subscription to help you grow and expand your Dynamics system.

Elevate your processes, user knowledge and business results, with access to product experts and exclusive add-on tools.

Contact Preact today and see how we will support you in making continuous improvements using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Why Choose Preact as your Dynamics 365 Managed Service Provider

We believe our managed service offers unrivalled expertise and resources to maximise your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe you should consider choosing Preact as your Dynamics 365 managed service partner.

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Elevate 365 Managed Service Guide

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Dynamics CRM Support Package Comparison

Comparing our service & support Break / Fix Support Elevate 365 - Managed Service
Help with basic Dynamics 'How to' questions
Help with operational issues
Dynamics 365 consultancy x 1 hour per 10 users / month
Schedule training x
Access to eLearning Academy x
Technical Account Manager
available upon request subject to an agreed engagement plan
Deploy products from Preact's Solutions Hub x
DocuSign Connector x 20 Envelopes per 10 users / month
Address Lookup x 250 lookups per 10 users / month

Dynamics 365 Technical Support & Managed Services FAQs

Dynamics 365 support is available through Preact's Elevate 365 managed service subscription. Managed support provides organisations with access to multiple resources that minimise downtime, increase Dynamics 365 user knowledge, reduce deployment costs and support organisations in making continuous improvements to their system.

Allocate managed service hours for any Dynamics 365 related activity fulfilled by our team. Examples can include scheduling work to implement user requests, providing training, making customisations and configuring additional modules.

Additional resources include access to our on-demand Dynamics 365 eLearning Academy, deploying any products from our Solutions Hub at no extra cost. This includes our Sales Accelerator template to complete a rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Break/fix support is included in our Elevate 365 managed service. This provides help to resolve Dynamics 365 issues and answer basic 'how to' user questions. Support for a selection of connected solutions and platform products is also covered, including ClickDimensions, Power Automate and Power BI.

The price of Preact's Elevate 365 managed service agreement is set by how many hours included will be available for nominated users to allocate. For example, a contract for 30 users that provides 3 hours per month, enabling an organisation to schedule activities for up to 36 hours, will total £495 per month.

Organisations that subscribe to a managed service want to make sustained performance improvements using their Dynamics 365 system and the Microsoft cloud platform. Aside from helpdesk support, customers who gain the most value from a managed service will use a broad range of inclusive consultancy and resources available. Based on Preact's Elevate 365 managed service, this often includes:

  • Onboarding new CRM users - using eLearning modules that enable new employees to master the basics and build confidence with Dynamics 365 quickly.
  • Quickly adding functionality - by deploying packaged solutions to extend a Dynamics deployment with connectors, prebuilt automations and other products. Popular examples in Preact's Solutions Hub include our DocuSign connector, Address Lookup tool, Record Tagger, Multi-Select Lookup and Split Invoices.
  • Workflow automation - identifying opportunities to modernise more processes that improve consistency and reduce the time to complete repeatable tasks. This also includes implementing responsive automations triggered when important events, interactions and other defined actions occur to ensure proactive attention and personalised communication.
  • Additional data insights - developing new charts and dashboards enabling users to be more informed by following their key metrics more closely, so they can be more nimble in their decision-making.
  • Access Dynamics insight & CRM advice - by scheduling monthly engagement calls with our technical account managers. In these sessions, we review progress, discuss new requirements to propose solutions, and share advice based on a solid understanding of the application and a client's Dynamics configuration and usage.
  • Implementing system changes - across various requirements, for example: creating new forms, adjusting fields, making tweaks to processing rules, updating security settings, building new templates and importing data.
  • Increasing user knowledge - with on-demand access to eLearning courses, attending free webinars and scheduling consultant-led sessions that will cover Dynamics modules or specific functionality.
  • Delivering the next project phase - whether it's implementing a connected self-service portal, replacing another spreadsheet, deploying an additional Dynamics 365 app or building a new integration, managed service hours can be allocated for any work to extend your system.
  • Licensing checks - to ensure each person has the correct licence, so organisations don't overpay for capabilities that aren't needed and to confirm each user is compliant with Microsoft licensing terms.
  • Storage optimisation - identifying where improvements can be made to minimise cloud storage costs.

These are just some of the examples to demonstrate how Preact supports Dynamics 365 customers to gain the most value from their managed service.

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