Subscriptions Solution for Dynamics 365

Prebuilt automated processes to simplify the handling of subscription-based services including memberships and warranties, from creation to renewals and expiry.

Amend subscription details when needed


Change what product/service elements will be available, in each subscription package, at any time.

Automated daily refresh in subscriptions solution


Automatically updates subscription record statuses when start and end dates are triggered.

Efficiently transfer subscription details from one record to another


Makes renewals quick and easy by pulling previous subscription details into new opportunity record.

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Preact's Subscriptions solution is designed to help any organisations that are selling subscription services, membership…

How it Works

The solution features a custom Subscription entity / table which is launched from an Opportunity record. This ensures clear visibility of all subscriptions covering active, draft, pending and expired subscriptions in list views which can also be displayed in sub-grids on individual account record forms.

From an Opportunity record, users can specify if a subscription sale is new business or a renewal. This record will define the subscription, including which services a customer is entitled to receive, the subscription start date to drive the activation and a monthly duration that will automatically set the expiry date.

Once an opportunity is won or an order is fulfilled, the solution will create an associated record for "Account Products and Services" detailing each product line specific to this subscription as defined in the settings record.

Account Products and Services records have three status settings:

  • Draft - when records are initially created, after a won opportunity, they are set to "draft" until the next stage as subscription elements can still be changed
  • Active - once the subscription reaches its start date, the record status will automatically be set to "active"
  • Expired - if customers do not choose to renew the subscription, the record status will change to "expired" once the end date has passed

The solution performs a daily check to automatically update statuses by identifying new records where subscription should be activated and those which have now expired. This enables dynamic subscription views to be created which provide an at-a-glance view across all status settings and saves time as users aren't required to manually update subscription statuses.

Subscription Renewals

Renewals management is another time saving component included in this solution. When customers renew their subscription during the current term, or even after it has expired, users can simply click a "Renew Service" option from the Subscription record. This will create a new Opportunity which pulls across all the detail from the previous subscription.

If your subscription pricing has changed since the start date of the previous term, users can select the new price list to replace the previous one which utilises Preact's Price List Manager to quickly update price lists.


The Subscriptions Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed at no additional cost as part of Preact's Managed Service.

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