Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Boost sales performance using powerful AI data analytics and insights.

Work Efficiently

Work Efficiently

Use insights that will help you focus on the deals that are most likely close to meet your sales goals

Improve Customer Relationships

Strengthen Relationships

Utilise communication prompts to have more engaging conversations with your customers

Coach Better

Coach Better

Use data on your sellers' activity to identify best practice, and provide guidance to your team

Introducing Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

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Sales Insights harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence, empowering teams to understand data in ways they could no…

The Dynamics 365 Sales Insights add-on enables sales teams to easily harness the value of artificial intelligence. This uses data stored in Dynamics and Exchange Online, to monitor performance and interactions, and proactively provide insights.

With minimal configuration needed, users get access to additional prebuilt sales dashboards, embedded insights and aggregated KPIs, across various visualisations. Each display can be chosen based on user hierarchies defined in Azure Active Directory.

Through a combination of analytics and data science, combined with Office data, on top of Dynamics 365, Sales Insights helps sellers and leaders answer their most important business questions.

Key Features

  • Have a work list that prioritises tasks based on likelihood of a lead turning into an opportunity
  • View information on previous engagements with a contact before meetings and calls, to have smoother conversations with customers
  • Reduce manual data entry by using suggested actions, for example, autofill email templates or, contextual prompts to update or create account records
  • Use the Mobile Assistant to work on the go, and guide your communications no matter where you are
  • Manage your team better by understanding sales performance and using resources based on seller engagement and productivity metrics, to guide your team

Predictive Lead & Opportunity Scoring

Lead score view in Dynamics 365

Leads and opportunities are scored on a scale of 1 – 100 (and grade category of A – D), based on how likely these are to convert. Influences on the score model includes references related to entities, for example: contacts, accounts and other unique lead attributes. Users have the option to customise and tune the model by selecting and disabling signals that contribute to the score.

Using the Sales Insights add-on, administrators can place a widget on each record to will display the score, grade and trend with the key scoring reasons.

Opportunity Score

Predictive Forecasting

Increase accuracy by supplementing seller-generated forecasts with predictive forecasting. Reduce errors and bias with AI-driven forecasts that factor in signals from the active sales pipeline and historical performance. Intuitively track and analyse changes in the pipeline using snapshots and deal flow visualisation.

Predictive Forecasting

Notes Analysis

Contextual prompts recommend next best actions, based on notes entered into Dynamics 365 record timelines. For example, enter meeting or phone call notes and Dynamics will prompt you to create a new contact record, schedule a follow-up meeting or set a reminder for a task.

Notes Analysis

Talking Points

The icebreaker function helps users start interactions with customers on a personal note based on AI scans across tracked email conversations. This provides conversation starters related to topics which can include sports, holidays, family and entertainment.

Talking points in Dynamics 365

Relationship Analytics

Relationship Analytics provides a health check on opportunity pipelines, and shows activity history, KPIs, health score and trends across contacts, accounts and leads. This feature also calculates the overall health and trend across each business relationships

Each health score is based on analysis of associated people, activities, companies, appointments and emails stored in Dynamics 365. Bubble charts visualisations are used to show a quick overview of these metrics with greater detail shown on individual records.

Relationship analytics in Dynamics 365

Conversation Insights

Automatically transcribe and analyse customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speaking style. Conversation Insights helps sales leaders understand what makes customers respond positively, and replicate successful call strategies across their team.

Analytics and data science are used to gather data from call recordings and Dynamics 365 Sales. Conversation intelligence analyses this to provide information and insights that will help to proactively guide and coach sellers.

team overview dashboard

Coming Soon...

  • Dynamics 365 assistant for Microsoft Teams - providing sellers with timely and contextual guidance across the sales journey so time can be better focused on building customer relationships.
  • Sales Accelerator - a new, unified workspace for sellers combining CRM functions, AI-driven prompts, work lists and automated sales sequences.


The Sales Insight Add-On is available for users of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise priced at £37.70+VAT per user / month.

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