Record Tagging Solution

Quickly and easily tag any Microsoft Dynamics 365 record to build accurate profiles, categorise and use tag filters to define views, lists and dashboards.

Tag any Record

Tag Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or any standard and custom entity type in Dynamics 365

Fit any requirement

Fits any Requirement 

Lightweight solution for quickly tagging records, for example by skills, statuses and categories


Simple to Configure

Set tag colours and define initial tags with suggested tags as users make new entries

Tags are unique identifiers that are associated to Dynamics 365 records to search, sort, categorise, filter and segment records in a more efficient way. 

As an alternative to option set fields, tags are an intuitive way for users to easily set tags that will organise data to meet the needs of your organisation. 

Tags can be used to categorise a contact, or other record type, in multiple ways. 

For example, an account may be tagged both as a key account and a reference site. In another scenario, users may tag the contacts or leads they met at a conference.

How It Works

  • Install our managed solution.
  • Define which entities record tagging will be enabled on.
  • Create a tagging field for the relevant entity.
  • Add a new section to the record form to define the tagging purpose and add the field.
  • Use the Tag entity to enter initial tags that are promoted as suggested tags when users enter data.
  • Tag data is searchable and can be used in filters.


Price per user / month

Available at no cost to Preact Managed Service Clients

All enabled users are automatically counted.

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