Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence dashboards transform Microsoft Dynamics 365 data into graphical reports and analytics that support informed, nimble decision making.

With real-time analytics and visualizations, Power BI connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses of all sizes shift to a culture of modern business intelligence that is focused on data driven decision making.

  • Connect on-premise &/or cloud data
  • Pre-packaged content packs simplify the process to connect data from apps & services
  • Real-time reporting across key metrics
  • Use natural language queries to get real life answers through Power BI dashboards & charts
  • Maximise insights with custom visualisations to present data in the context of what is being measured

With a business empowered by Dynamics 365, connecting Power BI is simple. Find out about how Preact will help your organisation do more with Dynamics.

Power BI dashboards can be extended and shared with other users to measure performance and answer crucial business questions including:

  • What does my lead and opportunity pipeline look like?
  • Have I neglected any of my accounts?
  • How many leads did our last campaign create?
  • Is there a bottleneck in our sales pipeline?
  • How many quotes are we working on? Have any been cancelled this month?
  • How long is it taking to resolve customer issues?

Connect to Power BI and your data is transformed into rich visuals which you can analyse more closely to better understand performance and identify trends to help transform your business. 

Use our managed service to set up your Dynamics 365 CRM, connect it to Power BI, create dashboards and provide training for a single monthly fee.

Is Power BI included in Dynamics 365?

Power BI is not included in Dynamics 365 but can be signed up for separately and integrated with Dynamics easily. This is available as a free solution but does not allow report and dashboard sharing amongst teams. 

Power BI Pro is priced at £7.50 per user / month, providing 10GB of storage, 1GB report capacity, collaboration tools and full integration with Microsoft applications including Dynamics 365, Office 365 Groups and Teams.

Power BI Premium is available @ £3766 per month / dedicated cloud compute for enterprise requirements enabling organisations to make use of a dedicated capacity of 50 GB for large datasets and export reports into an app for sharing with any user.

Sales Analytics

To understand and improve sales effectiveness Microsoft Dynamics 365 analytics include:

  • Top opportunities/salespeople per quarter
  • Sales cycle duration
  • Lead and opportunity conversion rates
  • Overdue opportunities
  • Opportunities won/lost per month
  • New opportunities per week
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness, lead generation rates
  • Sales pipeline and forecast reports by: month, quarter, year, salesperson, region, product & sales stage

Customer Service Analytics

Service dashboards and reports track trends including spikes and dips in service calls and client complaints to measure teams against key performance indicators including:

  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Case resolution times and average days open
  • Open and overdue activities by owner, team, type, priority, account
  • Service activities created in the current month vs last month
  • Performance versus Service Level Agreement benchmark
  • Contracts nearing expiry

Marketing Analytics

CRM marketing dashboards provide marketers with the insight to measure campaigns, track marketing spending and assess customer value. This includes:

  • Overall campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Campaign cost analysis and cost variance
  • Most profitable/responsive market segments
  • Number and value of leads/opportunities by campaign
  • New leads per week/month
  • Lead conversion per month
  • Leads by owner, source, campaign, channel

Extended email marketing reports are accessible when Dynamics 365 is integrated with ClickDimensions.

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Digital transformation is a priority for many businesses to ensure future competitiveness as they look increasingly work towards data driven decision-making that will transform their products, services and processes.

By connecting CRM and other data sources to Power BI, you will quickly gain new insights from data that never previously seemed possible. Contact Preact to understand how Power BI will help your business embrace a data culture where new insights are uncovered each day.

Request a call back to discuss your requirements and receive a Power BI and Dynamics 365 support quote today.

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