Orlo Online Engagement

Preact partners with Orlo, a comprehensive online engagement ecosystem that connects with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Featuring social engagement, Orlo helps organisations to be immediately responsive when their consumers need them the most, creating powerful experiences that influence behaviour at scale.

Orlo customer experience

Customer Experience

Powerful online CX across social media and live chat, building satisfaction, efficiencies and revenue with every interaction.

Orlo social marketing

Social Media Marketing

Create, schedule and analyse campaigns across organic and paid social media channels, driving sales, subscribers and awareness.

Orlo PR

Public Relations Management

Actionable media intelligence that helps you manage your brand, understand your customers and inform your business decisions.

Meet Orlo

Orlo’s ecosystem enables organisations to move seamlessly across multiple online channels, mirroring their consumers’ online behaviour. They help turn an audience into advocates and convert social connections and web visitors into customers.

Orlo has enabled award-winning brands such as Ocado, The Open University, Mercedes-Benz, Manchester City Council and Ofwat to join-up, engage and delight their customers across multiple digital channels, creating brand ambassadors, boosting sales and delivering excellent customer service.

Following the deprecation of Microsoft Social Engagement, Preact is delighted to partner up with Orlo, so we can continue to provide our clients with comprehensive social tools that connect with Dynamics 365.

Demonstrating Orlo

Orlo Ecosystem

Social Customer Care

The Orlo social customer care module brings together all of your social channels so you can provide effortless support.

Social Advertising

Combine paid and organic media to inspire current and future customers into action and real business outcomes.

Social Marketing

Deliver a compelling message at a precise moment and prove the real ROI of your efforts.

Media Monitoring

Use social audience insights to develop products, inform strategies and stay ahead by reacting quickly any opportunity or crisis.

Live Chat

Move seamlessly across live chat and social media conversations to drive efficiency, sales, and support.

Mobile App

The Orlo mobile app provides complete visibility to support your customers, react quickly and stay close to your content.

Dynamics 365 Integration

Orlo has partnered with Microsoft to build a deep social media solution that delivers out of the box two-way integration with Dynamics 365.

  • Push social conversations to Dynamics 365
  • Easily view, update and create cases within Orlo
  • Simple setup allows you to only show the data fields that matter to you and your agents
  • Full data compliance – all data is pulled in real-time from social networks

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How Orlo Connects With Dynamics 365

Learn more about how Orlo creates powerful social experiences and how it works with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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