Minimum Character Counter for Dynamics 365

The Minimum Character Counter control enables end users to see at-a-glance if a field value is subject to a minimum character length, and how many remaining characters must be entered.

User friendly

User Friendly

See the minimum required characters in a field and how many are remaining

Repeatable solution


Apply this control to any field, form and Dynamics 365 entity, as needed

Versatile solution


Examples can include phone, reference number, sort code, IDs and other fields

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Preact’s Minimum Character Counter Solution can be used in many different scenarios where we need to set a minimum chara…

How it Works

Apply this simple control on any field, for any form and on any system entity, that will enable users to instantly check if field is subject to a minimum number of characters.

Before entering data into a blank field, users are able to see the minimum required number of characters, and how many characters are remaining once they begin entering data.

Minimum Character Counter


The Minimum Character Counter control for Dynamics 365 is free for Preact Managed Service clients.

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How to Deploy the Minimum Character Counter Solution

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