Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Maximise budgets with connected marketing tools to segment contacts, engage customers in real-time, measure campaign results and increase lead quality.

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Handle Tasks Better

Are you spending too much time on marketing admin?

Innovate using fully embedded marketing processes within the Dynamics 365 interface

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Improve Collaboration

Do you need to align activities with sales better?

Track each email and online interaction in Dynamics to quickly identify the top campaign prospects.

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Increase Engagement

Are you looking to target your messages better?

Use complete relationship data in Dynamics 365 to create personalised, engaging content.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing visual of functionality including lead nurturing, event management and embedded intelligence.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation solution for companies that need more than basic email marketing at the front end of their sales cycle.

Through Marketing Automation in Dynamics 365, we will help you engage customers and prospects at the right time. Transform every touchpoint into a marketing opportunity using contact data to personalise messages and gain actionable insights into your marketing activity.

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Want to quickly get started on Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Preact's Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator is a guided onboarding program to configure Dynamics 365 Marketing and onboard users in just a few weeks.

Get access to training and marketing workshops, including guidance on completing your first marketing campaign.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Personalise Communications

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can send personalised messages and tailor experiences across email, SMS, mobile and other touchpoints in response to customer interactions and events.

Drive conversion rates and make sure your customers and prospects are engaged by providing one-to-one communications which adapt based on behaviour.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Real-Time Marketing Flow

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Be where your customers are by executing coordinated marketing campaigns across various channels. From email through to mobile, direct mail or in-store, enable your customers to take action using the channel of their choice.

Personalise Messages

With a simple-to-use drag and drop editor and 50+ email templates that can be personalised, Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides a simple way to communicate with clients and prospects.

Easily adjust the layout by cloning, customising or reordering blocks or placing blocks for text, images, dividers, buttons and other components.

Personalise messages using the field look-up function within the text editor, or dynamically adjust content blocks, images and other messaging to deliver the right messaging for each customer.

With data held in a single platform, marketers can focus on crafting messages and developing their audiences rather than the burden of managing data sync processes.

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Landing Pages and Forms

Quickly build landing pages and web forms for campaigns using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing's simple drag and drop functionality. You can also easily combine both by adding a form to a landing page, for example, a gated landing page.

Design Nurture Campaigns

Create personalised journeys to orchestrate experiences across marketing, sales and service.

Design nurture campaigns that drip-feed content over several weeks or months – with actions being triggered as recipients respond and interact with your messages. Lead nurturing helps you to build relationships with your customers by making it possible for you to send timely, personalised communications.

Map out each journey by dragging toolbox tiles onto the canvas. Here you can define the process by prompting actions in response to certain tracked actions.

Event Management

Dynamics 365 Marketing includes a pre-packaged Event Management module that enables organisers to handle the administration and logistics of registrations, sessions, speakers and venues in one place.

Lead Scoring

Identify the prospects which are ready to pass on to the sales team by utilising lead scoring models.

Choose what's of value to you from a selection of behavioural data, demographic data or actions that your visitors have taken, e.g. opening emails or submitting web forms.

Assign a specific score to each action depending on its importance. Once a score target is reached, the lead will be defined as being 'sales ready'.

The Dynamics 365 for Marketing app allows multiple lead scoring models to be applied concurrently, whereby several factors will determine the sales readiness of leads. For example, one model could be based on a specific target profile, e.g. business owners in the UK, while another scoring model could be focused on interactions. Only when the score targets from both these models are met will a lead be classed as 'sales ready'...READ MORE

Dynamics 365 Lead Scoring Model

Power BI

We use Power BI to help businesses implement real-time business intelligence that help marketing teams measure opportunities and revenues across all your campaign activities.

Get a clear overview of your marketing results so you can quickly assess performance and drill-down to gain deeper insight.


Preact also partners with the leading ClickDimensions marketing cloud to implement Dynamics 365 connected marketing processes:

  • Schedule bulk emails in Dynamics and track every recipient's action
  • Send customer satisfaction surveys to collect feedback and gather insight
  • Increase email interactions by personalising messages using Dynamics data
  • Create GDPR compliant opt-in processes and manage content preferences
  • Demonstrate the return from each marketing campaign
  • Gain even more insight by connecting with Power BI

Read more about ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions Campaign Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing can vary depending on individual client requirements and availability. Typically, using Preact’s Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator, our customers go live in 2-4 weeks.

In many instances, organisations can complete the initial setup of standard Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities, onboarding and training in a one-off engagement totalling £4750 using Preact's Marketing Accelerator program. This can be combined with additional packs to provide additional capabilities for your initial implementation or address broader marketing needs. Dynamics 365 Marketing application licenses are billed separately. Once the application is deployed, our team will provide access to continued support, consultancy and training through our managed service.

With our accelerated onboarding program, you will receive training and hands-on guidance on getting started on Dynamics 365 Marketing and creating your first marketing campaign. We will provide training that will focus on your immediate priorities. Training topics can include email marketing distribution, customer journeys, segmenting audiences, using AI and marketing insights and creating landing pages with online forms. Ongoing support and assistance are available through Preact’s Elevate 365 Managed Service.

Once you purchase Dynamics 365 Marketing, we will add it to your Microsoft 365 tenant by installing the app and configuring the application with essential marketing settings based on your requirements. Through our Marketing Accelerator program, we will further assist you in getting started on the application and creating your first marketing campaign.

For many years, ClickDimensions has been the most popular solution for marketing professionals to execute campaigns and optimise marketing processes within Dynamics 365. In particular, its relative ease of use and being embedded within the Dynamics interface have enabled ClickDimensions to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized organisations. As a result, the product is widely supported across the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is high on functionality, and from the outset, this has been developed on Power Platform. However, this product may require more technical skills, resources and time to deploy and utilise its features. Read our post comparing Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is tenant-based and metered by the number of contacts used, unlike other Dynamics 365 apps.

 Dynamics 365 Marketing can be installed, configured, and used as a tenant-based license within a single Dynamics environment. There is no need to purchase separate user licences for the Marketing app, and administrators can manage user access through the admin portal.

If you are already using a qualifying Dynamics 365 application, Marketing can be purchased at a reduced amount. Click here for more information on licensing.

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