Licensing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Preact has a series of resources to help businesses understand the licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and select the best licences for their users.

If you are planning to implement Dynamics 365, we would be delighted to assist with any licensing questions and ensure that you have the most cost effective license mix for your team. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Concise Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide


A summarised guide comparing the main Dynamics 365 license types for plans, apps and team members. 

We also feature an overview of inclusive Dynamics 365 services and entitlements, and provide a functionality comparison across apps for sales, customer service, field service, project service and talent...DOWNLOAD NOW

How to Choose the Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licenses for SMB's


When we are first contacted by organisations using Dynamics 365, it is often apparent they are paying more for their licenses than they need to be. 

This is additional cost being paid every month because the best license types, or eligible offers, were not selected when the product was activated.

In this post we feature a series of licensing scenarios to demonstrate the options available that will help you find the most cost effective Dynamics 365 licenses for your needs...READ MORE

Licensing Cheat Sheet


An at a glance view of the main Dynamics 365 app, Customer Engagement Plan and the Microsoft SMB promotional offer...DOWNLOAD NOW

A Quick Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member Licences​


The Team Member option is an important licensing consideration as it enables Dynamics 365 to be shared with more individuals within an organisation at a significantly lower price compared to the regular subscription rate for individual apps and the Customer Engagement Plan...READ MORE

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide


The official Microsoft licensing guide for Dynamics 365...DOWNLOAD NOW

What to know more about Dynamics 365?

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