Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Licensing Check

Licensing Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be complex. This risks individuals having insufficient use rights - or paying unnecessary cost for functionality that isn't needed.

If your organisation is already licensed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales or service apps, this quick check will confirm the correct licences for each end user that reflects their usage.

Through our Power BI report we'll analyse your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instance to review each active user's usage and confirm what licence type they should be equipped with.

In this free check we'll help you identify and fix any non-compliant licensing issues and potentially reduce costs if some users are licensed with more capabilities than they need.

This will address frequently encountered licensing issues such as:

  • Users being licensed with a Plan when an app licence will be sufficient
  • Team Member users who should be licensed with a full Dynamics app
  • Users licensed with the Sales App that only need a Team licence 

Licensing Check Example 

In the example below, the report has identified 5 active end users. Of these, three are updating records across sales and service roles (such as opportunities and cases) and will need to be equipped with Plan licences. 

However, because users 'James Greaves' and 'Simon Shaw' have created / updated few service entities during this period, there may be an opportunity to review internal processes whereby these activities could potentially be passed to another user. As a result, this would enable efficiencies to be made in reducing both or either of these users to a Sales app licence instance.

One user, 'Daniel Hunter' is creating and updating sales entities so a sales app licence is needed in this scenario. Finally, a further user, 'Ian Mennie' has only carried out light usage tasks so a Team Member licence will suffice.

Using this analysis, system administrators can make a quick comparison with their current licences and make changes accordingly. 

Review Your Dynamics 365 Licensing Now

If the renewal of your Dynamics 365 UK agreement is near, now is the ideal time to review your licensing across all users to see if savings can be made, and make sure that licences are sufficient for use needs. Contact us today to arrange a free licensing check. 

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