Microsoft Dynamics 365 Starter Packs

Our Starter Packs will get you up and running with just the features you need – at the lowest possible cost. Once you are live with Dynamics 365, configure more capabilities as and when you need them.

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Quick start rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Streamlined cloud set-up that reduces complexity and minimises upfront cost for a fast track to value

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Fast Adoption

Intuitive interface with guided processes and expert training gives users a smooth on-boarding experience

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Fixed Price

We take a fixed price approach giving you firm control over your project cost

Why Choose Preact's Starter Packs?

Moving critical business systems can be a time-consuming and painful process, especially if you are moving to the cloud for the first time. No one wants downtime so it's often difficult to take that first step, even if it means living with an outdated system.

That's why we offer Starter Packs to deliver a speedy remote implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Service apps. You can be up and running in just a few days to take advantage of smarter processes and increased productivity. Once you are live, expand your system using our managed service, Elevate 365 to make continual improvements and configure more features.

How Our Dynamics 365 Starter Packs Work

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Purchase Starter Pack: Select our 10, 20 or 30-day packs to complete your implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales & / or Service apps.

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Fit Gap Assessment: We'll define the build work that will be completed by undertaking a fit gap analysis between your requirements, the default application and our Accelerator templates.

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Documentation: Detailing how your system will be built, and how your data will be imported.

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Build: We’ll build your environment. The process will be sped up by using our Accelerator templates and packaged IP.

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Testing: Our solution will undergo rigorous QA testing and will be subject to an internal peer review.

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User Training: get up to speed with Dynamics 365 by using our eLearning platform, or schedule bespoke tuition from our Microsoft-accredited trainers.

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Go Live: Your Dynamics 365 application is activated and ready to be shared with users.

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Support: Grow your system with continued access to support, product expertise, prebuilt solutions, training and eLearning resources through our managed service, Elevate 365.

Starter Pack Example

An example of how we deployed Dynamics 365 Sales for one of our clients using a 10-day starter pack. This included:

  • ½ day fit gap workshop
  • Provision sandbox environment
  • Excel data import
  • Install Preact Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Build customisations including process flows, bespoke views, additional fields and custom dashboards
  • Train the Trainer tuition
  • Provision live Dynamics 365 environment
Dynamics 365 Starter Packs

Our Clients Include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dynamics 365 Starter Pack?

Preact's Starter Packs are a fixed price solution to complete an initial deployment of Dynamics 365 modules including Sales and Customer Service. These are available for a varying number of consultancy days through 10, 20 or 30 day packs. The aim of this implementation path will be to complete a rapid implementation of Dynamics 365 that will address your priority requirements so early performance gains can be achieved.

How much does a Dynamics 365 Starter Pack cost?

The Starter Pack cost is based on the number of days. As an example, a 10 day pack totals £6995+VAT.

What’s included in a Dynamics 365 Starter Pack?

A portion of this time will be allocated to define the initial build work that is required to complete your deployment of Dynamics 365. In most instances this is determined in a fit gap assessment between your requirements, the standard product capabilities and Preact's Accelerator templates and other IP solutions. The remaining Starter Pack time will be allocated to complete the essential build work and deliver user training that will enable Dynamics 365 to activated. Further improvements including work for subsequent project phases can handled through our managed service which also includes user support, training, consultancy and packaged solutions.

Dynamics 365 Planning Guide

Download this resource to read our top 11 steps for planning a successful CRM implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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