Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator

Are you considering Dynamics 365 Marketing, but are concerned about how long it may take to go live and see value from the application?

With the Marketing Accelerator from Preact, we will quickly get you set-up, configured and trained using Dynamics 365 Marketing, and we’ll provide hands-on support to help you complete your first campaign.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, with over 270 clients and 10,000+ Dynamics users, we are uniquely positioned to help you accelerate your marketing automation journey through a rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 Marketing, saving time and avoiding potential newbie mistakes.

If required, our core Accelerator pack can be combined with additional packs for a custom deployment.

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What Is the Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator?

The Marketing Accelerator from Preact is an onboarding program, designed for marketing teams who want to rapidly transition to Dynamics 365 Marketing. We provide a one stop shop where you get all the information you need on how to get started on D365 Marketing.

This includes:

  • All standard Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation capabilities
  • Assistance with your first marketing campaign
  • Access to training and onboarding workshops
Dynamics 365 Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Why Choose the Marketing Accelerator?

Speed up

Speed up adoption

Make the lives of your marketing team easier by quick learning modules to get started on D365 Marketing

Simplify 2

Simplified onboarding

Go live in a matter of a few weeks to quickly start seeing ROI on your software investment

Guided process

Guided Process

Hands-on guidance to help plan and execute your first campaign using Dynamics 365 Marketing

Considering Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Download the guide to know more about Preact's Dynamics 365 Marketing Accelerator and how this will enable you to get onboarded quickly to the application and drive adoption.

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What is the Process?

Marketing acc flow 2

Marketing Review

In this consultancy, we'll understand where you are and where you want to be in your marketing automation journey. We’ll explore your current level of marketing maturity, review your processes, discuss current challenges, and share our recommendations for how Dynamics 365 Marketing can enhance your performance.

Dynamics 365 Marketing App Install & Configuration

During the setup process we will configure your email sending domains, co-ordinate with your website provider to deploy web analytics tracking and apply the essential marketing settings based on your requirements.

User Training

Focusing on your immediate priorities, our training will include: email marketing distribution, customer journeys, segmenting audiences, using AI and marketing insights and creating landing pages with online forms.

Marketing Workshops

We’ll work together to build your first campaign using Dynamics 365 Marketing.

This will include collaboratively creating email templates, defining customer segments and building customer journeys. Following user training, these engagements will provide a further transfer of knowledge to support you in quickly completing your initial marketing campaign.

Ongoing Managed Service support

Through our Elevate 365 managed service, your team will have access to helpdesk support, continued training and consultancy services to drive increased adoption of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve devised our Marketing Accelerator program that will enable you to go live with Dynamics 365 Marketing using the essential features you need in the quickest possible time.

In many instances, this is completed with a consultancy totalling £4750 to complete this initial onboarding program. This can be combined with additional packs, as shown below, to provide further capabilities for your initial implementation, or to address broader marketing needs.

Additional Packs

The following optional items can be added to the base Marketing Accelerator pack detailed above to create a custom deployment of Dynamics 365 Marketing. Additional time will be applied for each pack. Each pack can be added at the start of your project, or can be used at a later point as you configure more capabilities.


Import Contacts – Using our template, you will populate your data that will enable us to import your contacts into the system.


Import Leads – using our template, you will populate your data that will enable us to import your leads into the system.


LinkedIn Lead Gen Integration – to connect Dynamics Marketing with LinkedIn Lead Generation, we will install and configure the app within your production environment and provide training to cover its use.


Additional Environment Deployment – we will install Dynamics 365 Marketing in another environment in addition to your production environment.


Advanced Power BI reporting – if you require Power BI reporting templates, we will create the appropriate reports and enable Azure Blob storage to capture this marketing data.

Event management

Event Management Configuration – if your organisation manages events, we will configure this prebuilt module within Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Events Portal Customisation - additional scoping will be required if an events portal is also be deployed.


Advanced Subscription Management – beyond the basic subscription centre that will be configured by default, advanced subscription management requirements can be addressed through this pack.


Event Management Training – this session will cover: Adding Events, Adding Sessions to Events, Creating Buildings, Rooms and Layouts, Tracking Registrations.


Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Training – additional training can be provided if you are deploying Customer Voice surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our Accelerator pack we will work with you to create an initial set of templates which will support your initial campaign. This will include applying your pre-defined branding and designs to your email templates and web forms. Preact will not be responsible for the production of your marketing collateral, branding, or template designs. It is recommended that you engage a design agency if these services are required.

This Accelerator program is a joint exercise between Preact and your organisation. During this engagement we will provide guidance and support to assist you starting with the basics and going live with your initial campaign using Dynamics 365 Marketing. However, ultimate responsibility for the construction and execution of your marketing campaigns will remain with the customer.

The objective of the Marketing Accelerator is to support you in launching your first campaign using Dynamics 365 Marketing, in the shortest time possible. It will be the responsibility of the client to use the time purchased with the base Accelerator pack, and any optional packs, in an effective manner in order to achieve this objective. Preact will provide guidance on the best way to achieve this, but do not guarantee a fixed outcome.

The time to complete the Accelerator program may vary depending on individual client requirements and availability. This will be discussed during the initial review, but it is anticipated that the project will be delivered over a 2 - 4 week period.

To ensure the work is promptly completed, we require relevant personnel from your organisation to be available to Preact, as required for the duration of the implementation. This will also include any third-party providers, as appropriate.

This will include:

  • Installation of the Marketing app into a single Dynamics 365 environment
  • Configure email sending domains
  • Deploying web analytics tracking scripts
  • Enabling double opt in processes (if required)
  • Creating a GDPR record
  • Enabling relevant feature switches
  • Configuring hard bounce management
  • Configuring storage for all form submissions
  • Enabling litmus analysis integration
  • Personalise the unsubscribe form
  • Configure default settings

All work including workshops, training and support will be completed remotely.

Licences for Dynamics 365 Marketing must be purchased separately before this product can be installed in your environment.

This engagement will strictly cover Dynamics 365 Marketing, but through our Elevate 365 managed service, we will address any Dynamics-related requirements.

If you purchase either of our optional data import packs, you will need to supply use with your contacts and / or leads. Once you are signed up, we will provide the appropriate data template(s) to complete. Responsibility for the quality of this data will reside with the client.

The basis of the Accelerator approach is to start with the basics and go live quickly with value. Additional requirements can be handled by purchasing one of our addon packs and, where possible, we recommend covering these items in a subsequent deploying phase using our Elevate 365 managed service.

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