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Why Dynamics 365 Field Service

Learn more about how Dynamics 365 Field Service provides everything you need - from optimised work order scheduling to predictive maintenance.


Field Service Accelerator Overview

Preact's Accelerator will simplify your Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation by including a series of frequently requested modifications to the core product. Using our team's experience in delivering Field Service projects and their understanding of the needs of schedulers, engineers and other field service personnel, we've developed an advanced build to accelerate deployments and reduce set-up cost.

Our unique Field Service build features a series of changes and extended functionality to Dynamics 365 Field Service that provide greater flexibility to adapt to business processes as well as bridging some functionality gaps. These include...

Skills & Certifications Expiry

Preact's Field Service Accelerator goes beyond the out-of-the-box product by including prebuilt processes to track expiry dates for qualifications and certifications.

For example, this will ensure that bookable resources with expired certifications are not accidently assigned to any job which requires a recent Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, Children's Barred List check or active security clearance. This includes automated processes to check daily for expired certifications and deactivate these records, as well as predefined views to show current, expiring and expired skills.

Combined with standard scheduling functions, these processes ensure that technicians and other field service workers with expired credentials won't appear as bookable resources for any jobs on sites which require these skills and certifications such as hospitals, schools, care homes and Government agencies.

Field Service Accelerator - bookable skills screenshot

Site Instructions

The Field Service Accelerator expands upon Incident Type template functionality, allowing users to create and associate Incident Types with Accounts.

This can be used to define a sequence of tasks which must always be conducted at these sites, or specific products which should be charged for these site visits, such as travel expenses and any PPE costs. Site instructions can be used to cover entrance procedures, detail mandatory risk assessment checks or stipulate pre-visit checks which are required before attending a Government agency or another high security site.

Upon creation of a Work Order, prebuilt processes will check if any Incident Types are active on the Account. These will be automatically added to the Work Order and any appropriate characteristics or skills will be taken into consideration when using automated scheduling. Task-based instructions will be shown in the bookable resource's mobile app and any pre-defined products will be added to the work order on jobs for a specific billed customer, or undertaken at a named site.

Field Service Accelerator - Site Instructions screenshot

Default Tax & Pricelist

Upon creating a new Account record, users are often required to manually enter a Price List and Tax Code that will enable Work Orders to be progressed.

Preact's Field Service Accelerator provides additional capabilities to define a default price and tax code, when new Accounts are added, that removes the need for users to manually apply these settings to individual Work Orders and avoid potential errors.

Create Sales Order from Work Orders

By default, Dynamics 365 Field Service creates Invoices from a completed Work Order. In many instances, organisations may want to integrate Work Orders with Sales Orders rather than Invoices.

The Field Service Accelerator build includes an option to create a Sales Order record from a Work Order which enables invoices to be created by consolidating multiple Sales Orders using ERP / accounts software functionality.

Once activated, this feature will generate a Sales Order when a Work Order is closed based on its products and services. This also includes functionality that will prevent a Sales Order and an Invoice from being created from the same Work Order.

Create Customer Asset Early

By default, Dynamics 365 Field Service creates a Customer Asset record only when a Work Order is set to 'Completed'. Often, this happens too late in the process because organisations require a new Customer Asset to exist in the system before an engineer attends site to install a serviceable asset.

The Preact Field Service Accelerator provides additional flexibility for installation jobs and other scenarios where there is a need to create a Customer Asset earlier which enables engineers to interact with this record on their mobile device before completion of the Work Order. For example, this will enable serial numbers and photographs to be captured and the location to be tracked on the Customer Asset record as soon as the Work Order order is opened, or once a Work Order Product is set to used.

Our prebuilt processes also overcome a limitation of the default settings by ensuring that multiple Customer Assets are created in line with the quantity set on a Work Order Product. The default functionality will only create one Customer Asset in these scenarios.

Booking Status Control

Standard Field Service functionality allows bookable resources to update the Booking Status in any order which doesn't enforce data integrity. The Accelerator includes an additional control option that will restrict changes to the Booking Status. For example, this can be used to force engineers to set the next status on an 'In Progress' booking to either 'On Break' or 'Completed' to prevent these being switched back to 'Scheduled'.

More Field Service Accelerator features include...

  • Work Order Clean Up Process - automatically deactivate Work Orders based on configurable settings to avoid completed records clogging up the system.
  • Agreement Recurrence Templates - create reusable billing or scheduling patterns which can be applied in bulk to simplify recurring jobs such as monthly servicing.
  • Joint Visit Summary - enable field service personnel to see at-a-glance a list of their colleagues who will also be attending their site that day. This detail is shown in a single list on the Service tab in the Field Service app.
  • Outcome of Service Tasks - additional flexibility to define a pass / fail or other outcome on Service Tasks without the need to create an Inspection record.
  • Remove Confusing Requirements from Schedule Board - we've added an additional filter to the “Open Requirements” view to hide requirements that are related to Closed, Cancelled or Completed Work Orders.

Preact Field Service Accelerator Settings

Additional configurable settings that are provided by the Accelerator, including default tax code and price list, are managed from a dedicated tab within Dynamics 365 Field Service.

This will be shown when our solution is deployed and a valid licence is activated enabling all Field Service settings to managed in one place.

Field Service Accelerator - settings screenshot

Coming Soon...

We are continuing to develop the Field Service Accelerator, future updates will include:

  • Capability to generate Work Orders from Invoices, Orders or Quotes that will provide greater flexibility to handle scenarios where organisations charge in advance for technician visits / Work Orders.
  • A property maintenance add-on that will cover: payment applications, consolidated invoicing, sub-contractor Purchase Orders, multi-job creation for planned works and many more.
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