HTML Designer

A simpler solution to format email and document templates with tables populated with data from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Quick Create

Quickly Create

Easily build and edit rich text templates for any entity and record.

Email Tables

Bespoke Tables

Simplifies the process to include custom tables and apply aggregate functions.

Email Delivery

Automated Delivery

Apply triggers to automatically run templates in Dynamics 365.

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The benefits of this solution are that it enables you to create HTML design using information coming from Dynamics or fr…

Example Uses

To send reports, quotes and other notifications, there is often a need to present data in a tabulated format. Using the default Dynamics 365 controls, these design options can prove restrictive, resulting in additional cost to create bespoke reports.

That's why Preact has developed this HTML Designer solution to simplify the process for formatting templates with Dynamics 365 data and tables, and precisely define each layout. Combined with automation capabilities, this enables professional looking templates for timesheets, project summaries, service reports, job summaries and many other routine notifications to be easily delivered and managed.

How it Works

  • Create a new HTML Design record where field mappings between HTML parameters and Dynamics / Dataverse fields are automatically created.
  • The General tab will reference each fields that will be used and is shown in a FetchXML structure.
  • Use the Design tab to set the template layout using rich text controls and apply these fields.
  • Apply HTML controls and formatting, including colours, using the Advanced Design tab.
  • Configure Attribute Mapping records for each field type including date / time, decimal and money formats. For example, using a decimal field type set aggregate functions to sum, average or count these values in the template.

Watch a detailed demonstration of the HTML Designer to find out more.


The HTML Design Solution for Dynamics 365 is free for Preact Managed Service clients.

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