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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is designed for businesses that carry out work on-site at customer premises or homes. This includes installation and maintenance jobs, or responding to break/fix issues.

With features including schedule optimisation and asset management, Field Service provides team members with access to what they need to complete jobs within a single, easy-to-use app.

We help our clients quickly deploy D365 Field Service using our Accelerator and get the best out of the technology with access to support and product expertise.

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Resource Optimisation

Improve scheduling to dispatch the best technician, and get the best value out of your resources.

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Transform Delivery

Provide web portals, proactive updates and technician tracking for positive service experiences.

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Empower Technicians

Share a 360-degree relationship view and real-time guidance, to improve resolution time and earn client trust.

Demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Field Service Accelerator

Save time and reduce costs by implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service using our Accelerator build, including frequently requested features and customisations to the standard product.

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Who is Field Service for?

Any service-based organisation that has a focus on delivering on-site installations and break/fix repair will benefit from Dynamics 365 Field Service.

The challenge for these businesses is improving field-based teams' productivity while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Below are examples of industries that can utilise Microsoft Field Service to digitally transform their operations to create happier clients and more profitable processes:


A fibre optic cable utility company uses D365 Field Service to reduce outages by dispatching technicians to problem areas.


An in-home healthcare service provider uses the app to schedule and dispatch workers to administer medicine and other care to patients.

Equipment Maintenance

A facilities manager uses Dynamics to support their delivery of maintenance and repair services for heating and cooling equipment.


A medical device manufacturer sells machines to hospitals and clinics, and uses D365 Field Service to manage maintenance services.

Why Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Download our guide to learn more about what Dynamics 365 Field Service has to offer.


Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Roles

Microsoft Field Service Management Software isn’t just for your Field Service Technicians; it’s designed to provide tools and increase efficiencies across key roles in the entire service team:

  • Customer Service will typically use the desktop application to prioritise different requests so that work orders and on-site visits can be created from cases.
  • Service Managers will use the software to oversee service delivery and track performance metrics over time. This top-level view will also provide them with opportunities to standardise processes and increase departmental efficiencies.
  • Dispatchers utilise Microsoft Field Service Management Software to review incoming orders so that they can be scheduled for the appropriate resource with universal resource scheduling.
  • Field Technicians use the mobile application to keep on top of the work orders that have been assigned to them, either using a smartphone or tablet which they can take with them while they carry out work orders and repairs on-site.
  • Inventory Managers use the software to ensure technicians out in the field have everything they need to complete their visits. They also deal with any product returns and the procurement of new inventory.

Transform How You Operate with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Fit in more appointments each day with automated resource scheduling. Quickly assign the technician with the right skills and in the best location to carry out the job. The system will also take care of automatically creating, scheduling and dispatching work orders.

Enable technicians to access real-time customer information, job detail and knowledge solutions via the mobile app.

Keep technicians on time with the best route, turn-by-turn directions, and work order details that can be updated in real-time on any device.

Increase transparency to strengthen trust. Share quotes, contracts and scheduling details to keep customers informed and engaged.

Utilise the web portals to give clients a complete view of their cases, send text updates, and even provide a live map of their technician en route.

Easily manage all service agreements, including recurring visits, contracts, installed products, and warranties across customers and locations.

Field service management tools connect with Internet of Things (IoT) equipment sensors to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely.

Connected devices enable problems to be identified and solved before customers even know about them and lower costs by dispatching technicians only when they’re needed.

The Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Mobile App provides field technicians with everything they need to reach a customer location and efficiently carry out the required job.

Technicians can work either online or offline via the app.

When working offline, information can be downloaded to your device. Local updates are sent to the server when the device is next online.

5 Ways To Know You Are Ready For Dynamics Field Service

Understand the different stages of connected field service to determine if it’s the right time for your organisation to upgrade its solution.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Anything that needs to be scheduled is classified as a bookable resource. For example, this could include individuals, assets or groups of workers. Each bookable resource can be grouped by type.

Use "Characteristics" to detail each resource's skills and competencies, such as qualifications and experience.

Each work order record details of the specific job that needs to be completed and the required resources.

Work orders are categorised to filter views, reports and dashboards, as well as the schedule board.

Incident types can be used as service templates that enable users to raise work orders for frequent, routine service jobs quickly. Each incident type template will have defined service tasks, required skills and estimated work duration.

Define bespoke booking statuses and colours to appear on the scheduling board, from provisional and confirmed to in progress and completed, to see where each booking is.

Configure alerts for when users create or edit resource bookings based on custom conditions. For example, a warning could be triggered if a scheduler attempts to book a resource that does not possess sufficient skills required for a new service requirement.

Services territories can help schedulers quickly find the best-qualified resources within a defined territory. Accounts can be automatically assigned to a territory based on the postcode in their address field.

Agreement entities provide the framework to automatically generate work orders and invoices. For maintenance work, an agreement record can define the frequency that work orders are generated and the detail of that work order. Choose how many days in advance a work order will be generated for flexibility to fit in with a customer's availability.

Payments terms can be created to use with purchase orders, enabling purchase managers to set these when creating a purchase order. Tax codes can be applied to products, agreements and services.

The application is licensed on a per user / per month basis. Dynamics 365 Field Service is available as a base application or this can be attached where another Dynamics application is the selected base app. Visit our licensing page to learn more.

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