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Simplify On-Boarding

On-demand learning resources help new users get started with Dynamics 365 CRM applications.

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Active Dynamics Learning

Guided simulations help users build confidence and enable practice in a safe environment.

Elearning increase knowledge

Increase Knowledge

Use deep dive sessions to broaden user skills and learn about new Dynamics features.

On-Demand Dynamics 365 Training

User adoption is essential to running an effective Dynamics 365 system, but it can be difficult to engage a diverse workforce with unique training needs.

With Preact's eLearning Academy, you can quickly fill knowledge gaps by completing on-demand sessions presented by our Microsoft-accredited trainers. Start, pause and resume courses at any time, and repeast sessions as many times as required!

Three Ways to Quicker Dynamics Learning

Through eLearning, Dynamics 365 users can quickly familiarise themselves with new functionality, increase application knowledge and quickly learn without the fear of making mistakes.


An introductory overview of each learning module.


Step-by-step actions to complete processes and use Dynamics functions.


In a safe training environment using on-screen guided prompts.

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Find out what eLearning modules are available in our catalogue, ranging from fundamentals for all Dynamics users, to handling processes within specific functions.

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Demonstrating Preact's eLearning Academy

Video Transcript

Introducing Preact's eLearning Academy for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our training platform provides on-demand resources, a…

Introducing Preact's eLearning Academy for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our training platform provides on-demand resources, available for FREE to all Preact Managed Service clients. Use the eLearning Academy to watch, learn and practice Dynamics 365 in a safe environment.

Quickly get new team members up to speed and empower existing users to increase their Dynamics knowledge. It’s the perfect way to learn more about the application and keep up to date as new features are released.

Work your way through engaging courses led by our Microsoft accredited trainers. These modules cover a range of popular Dynamics topics including…

Navigating the Dynamics user interface…

Working with accounts and contacts…

Using the Sales and Customer Service applications to manage opportunities and cases and administration training

Online training can be a passive experience; just reading pages and pages of information or watching presentations. This often results in reduced attentiveness and a slower pace of learning.

Preact promotes active learning. That’s why we’ve built practice sessions into each module. Watch narrated videos and then practice by following step-by-step guided simulations in a safe environment.

Our aim is to help users build confidence by allowing learning points to be tested with freedom to make mistakes without consequences to your live Dynamics 365 system.

We want to empower users to do MORE with Dynamics 365.

The eLearning Academy is freely available as part of Preact’s Managed Service. This also includes access to support and consultancy services, as well as packaged solutions from our product catalogue which helps organisations make continuous improvements through Dynamics 365.

Study from home, in the office, or on the go.

The eLearning Academy quickly fills gaps in Dynamics expertise, and with new content being added each month this resource helps users keep their skills and knowledge current and relevant.

Contact us today to find out more and activate your eLearning account.

Dynamics 365 eLearning Academy - At a Glance

  • Reduce training costs - in depth tuition across popular Dynamics topics - available 24/7
  • Better use of time - most courses take an average of only 30 minutes to complete
  • Free for Managed Service Clients - all Dynamics Online users in your organisation receive full access to the eLearning Academy at no additional cost as part of Preact's managed service, Elevate 365
  • Train in a safe space - practice without impacting your live Dynamics 365 system
  • Easy access - single sign-on supported across desktop and mobile devices
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Learn more about our online training and how you can access the Dynamics 365 eLearning Academy

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Extensive Course Library

Our course library provides your organisation with high-quality training modules out of the box, produced by our trainers. With an active production schedule, you can be sure that this will continue to grow.

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If your organisation is already subscribed to Preact's managed service, you automatically receive entitlement to access our eLearning platform at no additional cost.

Our course catalogue has been developed for all organisations and industry sectors, whether small or enterprise, public or private sector. Request a callback to activate your training account, or to find out more about our Elevate 365 managed service.

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