Make duplicate records a thing of the past using bespoke rules to de-duplicate, merge and standardise multiple records all at once within Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

Data8 duplicare is an automated de-duplication tool for Dynamics 365 / CRM.

This provides real-time advanced duplicate prevention and the ability to merge multiple records, which also has the option to merge all fields too. 

The tool features a bespoke quick merge feature and a customisable quick merge option to bulk-batch de-duplicate existing records within Dynamics 365 / CRM.

De-dupe & merge

Identify and merge any number of records at once, storing information in one master record.

Full integration

Duplicare is available from Microsoft Appsource and easily integrates into Dynamics 365 / CRM 2016.


Ensure your data is stored and formatted correctly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM.

Retain information

Merge details into one master Dynamics record without losing any previous data.

Quick merge

Merge a number of Dynamics 365 / CRM records with just one click.

Custom rules

Create custom rules and implement these using the 'quick merge' feature.

Merging Records

  • Choose information to keep with a master selection rule
  • Ensure consistency across your database
  • A wide array of fields ensure you won't lose information
  • Multi merge across fields - no telephone numbers in job descriptions
  • Bespoke rules to suit your CRM
  • Merge any number of records manually at once - saving time and effort
  • Merge unsaved entries and avoid losing details

Custom Rule Building

  • Create custom rules to suit your business
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Navigation and interface
  • Choose real-time or batch implementation

Advanced Fuzzy Logic

  • Technology goes beyond simple name matches
  • Detect variations in names, email addresses, house addresses and company names
  • Ensure no duplicate is missed

Watch our presentation to learn more about how Duplicare makes duplicate records a thing of the past.

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