Drag & Drop Sub-Grids for Dynamics 365

A simple solution that allows Dynamics users to easily reorder the set of records / rows in a sub-grid.

Prioritise using the Drag and Drop solution for Dynamics 365


Reorder lists of records, such as actions, according to your priorities.

Modify using the Drag and Drop solution for Dynamics 365


Adjust the order of processes, such as the order of tasks, with minimal effort.

Unify using the Drag and Drop solution for Dynamics 365


Every time an edit is made, this sequence will be changed globally for all users.

Demonstrating Drag & Drop Sub-Grids

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Preact's Drag & Drop Sub-Grids is a really simple solution for anyone that needs to reorder a set of records on a su…

How it Works

Apply this solution to any entity and sub-grid which contains a set of child records.

Apply drag and drop capabilities to any sub-grid where there is a relationship between the parent record and the child records in the sub-grid.

  • Enable this solution on any sub-grid to allow users to quickly and easily reorder of the sequence of records by simply using the drag and drop feature.
  • Drag an individual record / row to change the order to reflect changes in processes and priorities.
  • The updated grid order will be automatically pushed through globally for all users.
  • Once this solution is applied to an individual sub-grid, the standard column sort and filter controls are disabled.

Examples of usage

There are countless examples where drag and drop functionality may be useful to define the sequence of records within a sub-grid. These include:

  • A Project record with a sub-grid containing project tasks - rearrange them to reflect the priority, and stay flexible and adaptable for clients.
  • An Account record with a sub-grid where drag and drop controls are used to place the best known or most senior contacts at the top. Being able to adjust the list makes it easier to get in touch with the right people.
  • A Case record with a sub-grid of activities enabling users to reorder the sequence and deal with the up-most priorities to efficiently resolve issues.


The Drag and Drop Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available to deploy at no additional cost as part of Preact's Managed Service.

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How to Deploy Drag & Drop Sub-Grids

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