dotdigital Engagement Cloud

The dotdigital Engagement Cloud (formerly dotmailer) is used by over 15,000 UK users and sends more than 100 million emails every month. Use its connector for Dynamics 365 to deliver emails to leads and contacts, and trigger automatic messages, that will increase customer acquisition, strengthen your brand and improve client retention.

Smart Email Templates

The Engagement Cloud template editor uses simple drag and drop tools so that professional email messages are quickly designed and edited without any need for HTML coding.

Email Marketing Reporting

Engagement Cloud tracks every campaign action and reports this detail in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This includes each email open, forwarded message as well as tracking each recipient click through to your website and conversion pages.

Increased Campaign Responses

  • Uses split test options to evaluate different email subject titles or test sender names and email templates
  • Evaluate the days and times when your audience are most responsive to optimise campaign responses
  • Format email templates with dynamic content to personalise messages with customised images, content and calls to action that resonate by reflecting each recipient’s preferences, demographics and previous email actions

Integration with Dynamics 365 / CRM

  • A single view of email marketing contact history in Dynamics
  • Use tracked recipient actions to build highly targets marketing lists
  • Personalise emails with data from any CRM fields from contacts, leads and accounts
  • Trigger automated emails and lead nurture campaign from CRM actions
  • Integrated subscription management with Dynamics automatically updates contact preferences to keep your marketing database clean and responsive.

Contact Preact to learn more about Engagement Cloud from dotdigital and its integration with Dynamics 365.