DocuSign Connector for Dynamics 365

Quickly and easily get sales order forms signed from Dynamics 365 using a purpose-built connector for DocuSign.

Quick Send

Quick Send

Create and send documents by DocuSign in just two clicks.

Document Tracking

Document Tracking

Instantly check the current status for each document sent.


Automatic Filing

View signed documents directly from Dynamics 365 records.

Video Transcript

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We get asked quite a lot, ‘Can we have DocuSign linked into Dynamics?’, and the purpose of this is so anyone from sales …

How it Works

Tired of creating, uploading and attaching signed order form documents? With Preact's DocuSign solution, there is no quicker way to deliver sales quotes for electronic signature.

Simply click 'Get Signature' from the quote toolbar in Dynamics 365, select the appropriate template and your document is immediately sent by DocuSign. Once the document is signed this is automatically added to the quote record and the contact record timeline.

  • Works with any standard Microsoft Word template
  • Configured for Dynamics 365 Quotes - can be extended to other entities
  • Automatically sends notification emails to record owners and the user who sends the document
  • Allows Dynamics 365 users to track and see when documents have been sent, received, opened and signed
  • Signed copy of each document is sent to each customer
  • Certificate of completion PDF document is attached to the record history in Dynamics 365


The DocuSign connector for Dynamics 365 is free for Preact Managed Service clients. This also includes capacity for a limited number of DocuSign Envelopes (electronic documents) per month.

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How to Deploy the Preact DocuSign Connector

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