Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Efficiently handle your feedback management from generating surveys to creating actionable insights.

Use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (previously Forms Pro) to help you listen, understand and respond to customers. Empower employees to strengthen customer relationships by reviewing satisfaction metrics, and creating actions based on real-time insights, all through Dynamics 365.

Conn fback

Connected Feedback

Link feedback into your everyday applications and workflows.

Setup forms

Minimal Set Up Time

Build personalised customer surveys in just a few clicks.

Insight form

Actionable Insights

Customise customer interactions to engage more effectively.

Demonstrating Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

How Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Works

Create a new survey, as part of a new project or an existing project, by using one of the available templates or start building a survey from scratch. Surveys can be kept one per project, or put multiple surveys in a project to keep common metrics and settings to simplify management.

Survey templates include periodic customer feedback, order delivery, service visit and support - to help capture feedback on any and all types of customer interactions.

Once a new survey is opened, users can edit the survey by accessing the "Customisation" pane which has the following options:

  • Satisfaction metrics - using survey answers to understand in-depth how customers are feeling
  • Branching - define flow of the survey by choosing to hide questions, move to another question or open links based on previous answers
  • Variables - personalise messages within the survey by automatically inserting custom information, for example the customer's name
  • Languages - allow customers to view your survey in multiple languages
  • Branding - edit the appearance of the survey to match company branding
  • Formatting - customise the overall survey by adding elements such as a progress bar

After the survey is designed, use the preview feature to see how it will appear across desktops and mobile devices. Users can also share this with peers from within Customer Voice. Then simply select the appropriate option to distribute. Share with customers via an automated workflow or email, embed within a web page, or copy and paste it within an app.

Post-Survey Elements

Follow up

Set alerts to promptly follow-up feedback, whether that be an alert for high ratings so that happy customers are followed up with a "Thank You" email, or an alert for account managers to be notified of low ratings from a customer. The "Customer Satisfaction Champions" table shows which team member are receiving the highest ratings.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Alerts


Users can see if emails have been opened and read, and real-time feedback from the surveys is directly put into the views users spend most time in.

View the "Satisfaction Metrics" dashboard to see a holistic view on the feedback being received. Each metric is shown using different visualisations to help users see at-a-glance how customers are feeling across:

  • Customer Sentiment: based on AI scans of text based questions to understand overall tone
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score): based on rating questions for likelihood of customers recommending the company
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction): based on rating questions for individual interactions
Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Satisfaction Metrics


Connect feedback into everyday applications and workflows, including Dynamics 365 modules, Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. This could be something as simple as being able to open customer and account records from Dynamics 365 in Customer Voice to see elements such as recent activity.

Examples of using Power Automate to handle survey invitations can include sending a survey after a meeting, when cases are resolved, or distributing regular customer satisfaction surveys.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Integration


Customer Voice is included for Dynamics 365 Enterprise users (Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service, Marketing and Project Service Automation licences); with entitlement to a capacity of 2000 survey responses per tenant / month by default. Additional response capacity can be purchased as an add-on.

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