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Track your marketing KPIs, meet your goals, get notifications on the metrics that matter most and effectively demonstrate ROI using insights from prebuilt sales and marketing dashboards.


Increase Visibility

Ensure greater transparency and accountability by implementing dashboards that track sales and marketing activities in real-time.

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See the Bigger Picture

Identify behaviour and patterns across leads, email sends, campaigns and other activities for a clear picture of the latest trends.

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Save Time

Visualise performance across key channels in one place with over 170 pre-defined KPIs across major sales and marketing activities.

Introducing Intelligent Dashboards

The large volumes of data available to marketers should enable better campaign planning and demonstrate their contributions. But in many instances, reporting is spread across multiple locations, or reliant on manual processes.

With a proliferation of reporting tools, multiple channels and disconnected data, it's increasingly challenging to unify marketing reporting. Furthermore, labouring through manual reports and analytics in multiple systems adds to time pressures.

That’s where ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards come in to address these challenges.

  • Creates a single view of marketing and sales data
  • Visualise performance with prebuilt intuitive dashboards
  • Track performance across your defined KPIs
  • Get deeper insights including integrated goal tracking
  • Automatic integrations and data updates
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ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards Include:

Key Benefits

Rapid Deployment

Instantly connects common data sources to generate a unified view of marketing and sales data without the need to engage IT resources. Get ready-to-use dashboards within 24 hours

Stay Focused on your Goals

Easily define your goals and measure performance against these objectives. AI-powered recommendations show you exactly where to focus to drive results.

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Demonstrate Marketing ROI

Marketing dashboards process large amounts of data and present this visually. Using a consolidated view of all their activities, marketers can quickly assess which channels and campaigns are working well, and demonstrate how this contributes to their organisation's overall performance.

Purpose-built for Marketing

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards lives in themarketing department, so the solution isn't reliant on often-strained IT resources. Out-of-the-box, users can select existing dashboards, define goals and begin interacting with these analytics.

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Marketing Dashboards: Why They Matter for Wins & Retention

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ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards are available with the ClickDimensions Premier subscription tier, or available as a bolt-on to its Basic and Business plans. Request a callback to learn more, request a quotation, or to arrange a demonstration.

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