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Unleash your organisation’s potential by breaking down data silos to connect customers, people and processes. Preact focuses on Dynamics 365 for small businesses, providing expertise to build and support fixed-priced CRM solutions that increase productivity and accelerate digital transformation.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Wasting time through duplicated effort and data silos?

Empower teams to work smarter using connected apps and familiar Office productivity tools.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Looking to increase scale & modernise processes?

Unify data in the cloud for greater flexibility and responsiveness to change.

Engage Customers

Engage Customers

Improve the service quality and consistency

Centralise data and develop connected processes that will delight customers and earn trust.

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Why Select Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 offers a choice of role-based CRM apps that will adapt and scale with your business:

  • Only buy what you need - with a modular approach you'll avoid unnecessary overheads and complexity
  • Scale easily as your business grows - easily add Dynamics 365 modules which are connected to your processes and existing apps thanks to a common data platform
  • Seamless connectivity - with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and other office productivity apps
  • Flexible licensing - licence users with an individual or multiple role based apps, or choose Team Member licensing for users who only need to complete basic tasks within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Unified Interface

The Dynamics 365 interface connects modules and apps so they are accessible in one location with a consistent experience across any browser, device and screen size.

Each app is infused with predictive insights and actionable next steps thanks to embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence. The user interface connects with Office 365 thanks to a shared data platform, so you can easily navigate and switch between Dynamics 365 apps and Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Sharepoint and more.

Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Embedded Analytics

Collect data throughout your business and use embedded Power BI analytics to gain insight and drive smart decisions across all workflows.

With Power BI, you can access real-time data insights to instantly monitor key performance metrics, spot trends and drill down to uncover actionable insights within a single Dynamics 365 dashboard.

Common Data Platform

Unlock the potential of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) with the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI) supported by a Common Data Model. This brings your data together and connects to hundreds of data sources out of the box.

Help your people to do their best work by unifying relationships, processes, and data through business apps that are connected through a single, secure and scalable cloud platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

Dynamics 365 Addons

Trust Preact With Your Dynamics 365 Project

  1. CRM Expertise - our CRM track record stretches back to 1993. Today we are fully focused on building and supporting Dynamics 365 and connected solutions built on the Power Platform.
  2. Small Business Specialist - we have a wealth of experience in helping SMBs simplify processes and achieve success with CRM.
  3. Straightforward Communication - our clients often describe us having a flexible, down to earth approach and delivering a friendly service based on a clear understanding of their business.
  4. We Know the Cloud - Preact was an early cloud adopter, and we hold Microsoft's highest accreditation for cloud solutions.
  5. Proven Methodology - choose one of our fixed-priced packages to fit your requirements. Each includes our rapid, agile deployment process for early adoption of Dynamics 365. This includes our Sales Accelerator that will deliver a rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 Sales in just a few hours.
  6. Managed Service - make continuing Dynamics 365 improvements using our managed service to phase updates, make changes and increase user knowledge. Access consultancy, training resourced and phone support when you need it.

Choice of Implementation

If you want to get started with Dynamics 365 immediately and pay monthly, or if your project requires more detailed scoping and testing, we have a flexible solution to fit your needs:

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