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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM Apps & Services

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to realise your organisation’s potential. Break down data silos across sales, marketing and service teams to connect customers, people and processes.

Here at Preact, we focus on providing expertise to build and support CRM solutions that leverage the Microsoft Power Platform to increase productivity and maximise data value.

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Dynamics 365 Productivity

Are you wasting time through duplicated effort and data silos?

Empower teams to work smarter using connected Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and familiar Office productivity tools.

Dynamics 365 digital transformation

Want to increase scale and modernise your processes?

Dynamics 365 is the ideal platform to automate and connect repetitive tasks, with unified data providing greater flexibility and responsiveness to change.

Engage Customers

Worried about inconsistent service delivery and churn?

Centralise data to develop connected processes using Dynamics 365 to delight your customers and earn their loyalty and trust.

Dynamics 365 Guide

Find out how Dynamics 365 apps will help you drive business growth, transform productivity and engage your customers.

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8 Reasons to Choose Dynamics 365

Point number 1

Earn Customers For Life
Apps for sales, marketing, and service teams connect everyone to a single source of information about each relationship, empowering everyone to provide consistent service across all channels.

Point number 2

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Apps
Access Dynamics CRM capabilities across Outlook, MS Teams and other familiar tools for an unrivalled, connected experience.

Point number 3

Modern Workflows
Replace repetitive manual tasks with connected processes. Apply embedded intelligence and triggers to automate routine actions and use guided processes to consistently reach successful outcomes, from sales to service.

Point number 4

Safeguard Data
Your data is safe in the Microsoft Cloud. Cloud products, including D365, are built and hosted on Azure secure data centres, secured by multi-layered protection. In Dynamics, control user access with role, record and field-based security controls.

Point number 5

Actionable Insights
Transition to a data-driven culture and uncover insights with real-time reporting across the metrics that matter to you using native dashboards and Power BI visualisations.

Point number 6

Manage Any Relationship
The Power Platform has the versatility to manage your unique relationships and processes across connected Dynamics 365 modules and Power Apps.

Point number 7

Unifies Your Data
Integrate Dynamics 365 modules with other applications, cloud services, and external data sources, including accounting databases, marketing automation, websites, CRM systems, etc.

Point number 8

Regular Updates
Microsoft releases two major cloud updates yearly and provides weekly updates that continually innovate and extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 apps and the Power Platform.

Why choose Preact for your Dynamics 365 Project?

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Trusted Partner - clients often describe us as having a flexible approach and delivering a friendly service based on a clear understanding of their business.

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Our Track Record- Our team has a wealth of experience delivering positive outcomes with Dynamics 365, working with SMBs, charities and enterprise customers across multiple industries.

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CRM Expertise - Preact's CRM story began in 1993. Today, we are a Microsoft Inner Circle Partner supporting organisations in maximising the value of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

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We Know the Cloud - Preact was an early cloud adopter, and we hold Microsoft's highest accreditations for implementing and supporting cloud solutions.

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Proven Methodology - choose one of our starter packs to complete a rapid deployment of Microsoft-certified Dynamics 365.

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Managed Service - we'll support you in continuously improving Dynamics through our Elevate 365 managed service.

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How to get started with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Frequently Asked Questions

The positive outcomes highlighted by our clients following the deployment of Dynamics 365 frequently include better handling of their business processes and improved reporting using data-driven insights. In many instances, organisations implement Dynamics 365 to unify business and customer data, enabling processes to be connected and completed more quickly with greater accuracy and consistency.

In addition to weekly product updates, Microsoft applies two major cloud release waves for Dynamics 365 Online. These are automatically applied to ensure that all customers receive the latest version. The 2022 Release Wave 1 is the latest wave which runs through to September 2022. The latest on-premise version of Dynamics 365 is 9.1.x. Learn what's new in Dynamics 365.

Preact primarily works with CRM / Customer Engagement applications. These include Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics Field Service. In addition to these first-party Dynamics 365 apps, we develop products built on the Power Platform.

Start with a single Dynamics 365 app that will handle a specific workload and add more later. Your data is securely stored in the same cloud tenant, enabling connected processes and reporting to easily flow between each application.

If you are wondering, "What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?" the simple answer is that it's whatever your business needs it to be. Its suite of connected modules that run on the Microsoft Power Platform is highly adaptable and scalable to unique needs and changes in requirements. At its heart, Dynamics 365 is an advanced piece of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. It connects your diverse departments, synergises your stakeholders and utilises the full power of modern technology to make your organisation run more efficiently. This means less frustration, more cooperation, happier teams and brighter futures. Preact will work with you to personalise these modules to fit the way you want to work.

Microsoft has trusted us to implement Dynamics since 2007. Today, Preact is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and has become a member of its prestigious Inner Circle representing the top 1% of partners worldwide. Rest assured you are in safe hands, and our experts are ready to talk you through how you can benefit from D365 (if you are wondering, "what is D365?" it's an abbreviation). Just call us on 0800 381 1000 or send us a message to accelerate your journey to becoming a super-effective modern business.

Another common question is "What is Dynamics 365 CE?" the CE stands for customer engagement and represents parts of D365 built for CRM purposes that Preact focuses on.

Microsoft dynamics 360 is one of many common incorrect terms (misnomers) used to refer to this software. Other misnomers include dynamic 360, 360 dynamics, dynamics 364, Microsoft 365 dynamics, Microsoft dynamic 365, Microsoft 360 CRM, and some web searchers accidentally leave out the spaces and type microsoftdynamics365. All of these terms refer to the same software, which Preact implement in businesses, train staff on how to use and provide support across the UK.

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