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According to the Confederation of British Industry, 9 in 10 UK employees are predicted to reskill by 2030 because of the pandemic, presenting huge opportunities for training organisations.

The boom in online and hybrid training has already transformed the industry as organisations successfully pivoted to meet rapidly changing requirements. But, despite making this transition, your business may still be reliant on laborious processes, involving spreadsheets and outdated technology which stretch your resources.

Recent years have highlighted the need for teams to work collaboratively, but they are frequently held back by disconnected processes and siloed data. Preact is here to help your business move faster with technology, enabling your company to consistently create memorable training experiences.

Challenges Your Business May Be Facing

Lack of time to complete tasks because people are overwhelmed by administration.
This may include:

  • Repetitive steps to enrol delegates result in delays sending joining instructions.
  • Time spent responding to requests from other teams because course and booking data isn’t accessible or trusted.
  • Managing course certifications creates additional admin burden.
  • Struggling to quickly run reports and extract actionable insights from training data.

As a business leader, you may face some of these challenges:

  • Inconsistent training experiences threaten our reputation.
  • Inefficient administration is lowering customer satisfaction.
  • We need better training insights and reporting to improve what we do.
  • Differentiate ourselves so we can compete strongly with other training firms.
  • Greater IT agility is needed so we can quickly respond to new opportunities.
  • Maximising our resources and reducing administration workloads.

Challenges for IT teams within a training organisation often include:

  • Personal data is stored in spreadsheets, creating data governance concerns and increased security risks across distributed teams.
  • Current technology isn’t scalable.
  • High cost of developing legacy on-premise applications.
  • Ongoing burden of managing third-party integrations and data sync processes.

As a sales professional you may be encountering some of these challenges:

  • Selling more training courses to meet performance targets and maximise training capacities.
  • No single source of truth about each customer and their course attendance.
  • Scheduled course dates and current availability aren’t easily accessible.
  • Extra work is created because course booking processes aren’t connected to CRM.
  • Inconsistent handling of provisional bookings.

Within your finance team, current priorities may include:

  • Duplication of entry to issue invoices from booking data.
  • Reducing the cost of delivering training.
  • Accurately reporting course costs and assessing the profitability of each training engagement.

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How Preact Can Help Your Business

Preact will support your training business in providing positive customer experiences, while overcoming the challenges your organisation faces. Using our Course Manager application, we’ll help accelerate your digital transformation by connecting your data and configuring smarter processes.

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Your Data, Secure in the Cloud

Centralised storage of your course, booking, delegate and customer data.


Greater Collaboration

Real-time lookup of course availability and bookings across teams.

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Reduced Course Admin

Take control with customisable templates and automated booking processes.

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Consistent Communication

Ensure accurate, timely messaging with delegates before and after each course.

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Make Better Use of Your Resources

Fully leverage investments in Outlook, Teams, Power BI and other Microsoft business apps.

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