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GDPR Resources

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in 2018. The new legal framework for this EU regulation makes a series of important changes to the requirements for managing and processing personal data using CRM and other technology.

On this page we have listed a series of resources that Preact has produced to help businesses prepare for GDPR, and take action now.

Don't forget to visit the Microsoft GDPR hub. This shares information about how Microsoft products will help you comply with this regulation and includes assessments, FAQ's, eBooks and videos. Recent GDPR updates are also shared here.

GDPR Frequently Asked Questions


In our free guide we answer a series of FAQ's about the GDPR to explain what this means for your CRM system and email marketing strategies, and how you can move forward...DOWNLOAD NOW

5 Easy Ways to Check Your GDPR Compliance


GDPR is law and many organisations have taken steps towards compliance. But with regular updates and changes from the ICO, templates and procedures put in place last year may already be out of date and non-compliant.

In this recorded webinar with the GDPR experts at The Data Support Agency we cover 5 ways to check your current compliance and share ‘real world’ GDPR tips. In this presentation we also demonstrate how the compliance as-a-service solution provided by The Data Support Agency helps business identify gaps, get access to expert advice and maintain their GDPR compliance...WATCH NOW

GDPR: The Impact On CRM & How To Prepare Your Workforce


The countdown to GDPR coming into force is well underway but many are still trying to get their heads around what this means for their business.

As a CRM partner that implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics 365, Preact frequently speak to businesses that are looking for practical advice about GDPR to understand how it will impact on their management of personal data. That's why we were delighted to host a webinar with guest speakers to offerclarity about this regulation...WATCH NOW

GDPR & What It Means For CRM & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users


Further background about the GDPR and information about what Microsoft is doing to make Dynamics 365 and its cloud services will be compliant with this regulation...READ MORE

14 Ways That Dynamics 365 Will Help You Meet The Demands of GDPR Compliance


Sharing a series of examples for how Dynamics 365 can be configured to effectively manage personal data and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR...READ MORE

Microsoft: GDPR Assessment


An eBook published by Microsoft in September 2017 discussing GDPR and its implications, and featuring 4 steps towards GDPR compliance...DOWNLOAD NOW

Microsoft GDPR Guides


In January 2018, Microsoft released a series of white papers that provide a basic overview of the GDPR and relate this to its Dynamics 365 role based apps:

Sales App for Dynamics 365 White Paper

Customer Service App for Dynamics 365 White Paper

Project Service App for Dynamics 365 White Paper

Field Service App for Dynamics 365 White Paper

How To Solve Your CRM Data Quality Problems Before GDPR


With the prospect of increased fines for non-compliance in data collection and processing, GDPR sets a higher standard and means that data quality is something that B2B and B2C organisations can't afford to ignore.

In this presentation we shared insight about some of the most frequently encountered data quality problems in CRM systems and highlighted some practical actions to be carried out before GDPR comes into force address these issues...WATCH NOW

GDPR Management Solution for Dynamics 365


Demonstrating a new solution developed by our friends at Data8 that aims to alleviate the complexity of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within Dynamics 365 for easier governance of personal data. 

In this presentation, we demonstrate how Data8 Provenance helps businesses manage key aspects of this regulation including the ‘right to be forgotten’ and tracking consent statements...WATCH NOW

How to Create a GDPR Compliant Double Opt-In Process


Email consent is just one aspect of GDPR but for marketing teams this is a crucial consideration to make sure their processes are compliant.  

In this post we share an example of how Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions can be used to create a double opt-in process for email subscribers that is recommended for GDPR compliance...READ MORE

GDPR E-Learning Training


Details of the e-learning courses developed by Me Learning to help organisations prepare for, and comply with GDPR which comes into force in May...READ MORE