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Preact has been providing businesses of all sizes a complete range of CRM consulting services for more than 25 years. During this time we have implemented solutions, delivered training and provided support for thousands of satisfied users. 

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 A selection of our clients and their success stories with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are shown below:

Fourfront Group (Construction, Design & Consultancy)

  • The requirement - a unified CRM solution to connect business processes and improve reporting across the Group. 
  • Solution: Migration from Act! to Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployed in the cloud and shared by 100 users across the Group’s companies.
  • Outcomes included - transformed group-wide reporting through data-driven decision making, consistent handling and visibility of business-critical processes, improved collaboration and optimised resource allocation.

BeBa Energy (Renewable Energy)

  • The requirement - initially, BeBa Energy sought a CRM system to manage its sales processes but soon needed broader capabilities to manage its projects and servicing.
  • Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online implemented with 10 users with managed service to support continued system development.
  • Outcomes included - connected key business processes, helped the company to expand and weather market turbulence, improve service delivery through Dynamics web portal and proactive maintenance.

DDC Dolphin (Hygiene & Infection Control Technology)

  • The requirement - connect business processes across sales, servicing and marketing and streamline reporting.
  • Solution: Dynamics 365 implemented to manage sales, customer service and field service processes including ClickDimensions marketing automation, Dynamics Nav integration and self-service web portal
  • Outcomes included - numerous time saving processes to increase productivity, gaining quicker performance insights, greater flexibility to manage service visits and customer assets and improved service delivery.

Clarion UK (Sign Language Interpretation)

  • The requirement - Clarion UK was constrained by its processes as these were preventing growth and harming its cash flow. A new solution was sought to connect its workflows and enable more customers to be supported. 
  • Solution: Dynamics 365 Field Service deployed to manage bookings for interpretors with web portal to capture time sheet entries. Additional integration with Sage 50 enabled digital invoicing to eliminate paperless processes.
  • Outcomes included - connected processes enabled the company to increase the capacity of its supported students from 350 to 800 within 12 months and improved the organisation's cash flow by reducing invoice settlement time.

BCR Associates (Business Consultancy)

  • The requirement - a new CRM solution to better help the company build and maintain profitable long term customer relationships and support their long term business growth.
  • Solution: Migration from Sugar CRM to Dynamics 365 for 50 users including Power BI
  • Outcomes included - greater user engagement and sentiment towards CRM, higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased billing, new actionable insights from CRM data, increased mobile productivity and increased self-sufficiency to manage Dynamics.

Mencap (Charity)

  • The requirement - Mencap sought a new relationship management solution to connect their team and improve communication throughout the organisation.
  • Solution: Managed service to support existing Dynamics 365 implementation to support continual system development and improvement
  • Outcomes included - secured increased local authority contracts by demonstrating more efficient process management, greater transparency and communication between teams and increased reporting compliance.

ramsac (IT Consultancy & Support)

  • The requirement - improve process efficiency, connect staff to a single data source and provide scalability to support future growth.
  • Outcomes included - reducing manual admin tasks, improved service delivery by connecting all field & office based staff to a shared CRM database, real-time reporting across key metrics and improved cash-flow by shortening billing timelines.

The Matthew Project (Charity)

  • The requirement - a new CRM system to track and report on its process for continued project funding.
  • Outcomes included - accurate data capture at point of source, paperless processing, reporting funding compliance and data-driven insights to improve coverage and service.

Source Telecom (Telecoms)

  • The requirement - a new CRM partner to help the company transform the efficiency of its business processes by developing their Microsoft Dynamics system.
  • Outcomes included - fully connected processing from sales lead to order, improved data quality and process consistency, removed duplication of effort with Dynamics and Sage 50 integration, improved nurturing of prospects through integrated email campaigns.

In Communications (Conferencing Services)

  • The requirement - a new partner to help turn around their Dynamics project following an initial implementation which had failed to deliver the expected results.
  • Outcomes included - accurate real-time reporting of service level agreements and other performance indicators, increased productivity by removing manual reporting steps and increased user engagement.

Dorset Mental Health Forum (Charity)

  • The requirement - the organisation sought a new solution to centralise its contact data and develop smarter processes that would provide high quality data-driven reporting.
  • Outcomes included - greater consistency in handling key business processes, clearer performance insight, greater transparency in reporting support stakeholder engagements. Unlocked more capabilities of Dynamics 365 through Preact’s managed service.

Drax UK (Techology & Professional Services)

  • The requirement - the company sought a new CRM system to support its growth plan that would centralise its customer data and improve process efficiency.
  • Outcomes included - new insights from sales and other business data, increased mobility for sales users, centralised management of all sales processes and clear relationship view enabling targeted marketing messages.

STIHL (Manufacturer)

  • The requirement - a new partner to help the company upgrade its Dynamics system and support their continued usage of the application.
  • Outcomes included - improved internal CRM expertise with ongoing Dynamics mentoring, advice and training through our managed service.

Able Canopies (Construction)

  • The requirement - connect key business processes and customer information to a single interface.
  • Outcomes included - more efficient processes that consuming fewer resources, better profiling of contacts to support targeted and integrated email marketing campaigns and improved productivity of remote workers.   

Children's Food Trust (Charity)

  • The requirement -  a new business partner to help upgrade and migrate their Dynamics solution to the cloud and support continued development.
  • Outcomes included - increased reporting insight, greater user engagement, more efficient execution of business processes and easier access to customer information.

Socket Mobile (Barcode Scanning Technology)

  • The requirement - provide responsive Dynamics 365 support and technical consultancy.
  • Outcomes included - faster resolution of support issues, improved user experience by migrating to unified interface, clearer understanding of channel opportunities and greater confidence in sales data to identify trends.

THSP (Risk Management Services)

  • The requirement - improve process efficiency, achieve greater reporting insight and better share data throughout the organisation.
  • Outcomes included - improved team communication, automated processes & Sage 200 integration, real-time measurement of progress across KPI's and targeted marketing campaigns.

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