Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Continual improvements in the efficiency of course processes is a priority requirement shared by all training providers.

Effective solutions manage every step of these workflows including lead generation, course bookings, documentation and training communications, and share this in an integrated platform that is easily accessible to all users - wherever they work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps training organisations reduce the overhead of their course admin so they can concentrate on client focused activities, and delivering outstanding training.

Preact has strategic experience of implementing and supporting Dynamics 365 for training providers and work has included:

  • Connecting clients, suppliers, courses, attendees, venues and tutors to a single platform
  • Streamlining course admin and booking processes
  • Resource scheduling
  • Managing a training product catalogue
  • Automating post-training surveys 
  • Handling course certification 
  • Connecting CRM with ERP applications to automate order processing & invoicing

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Course Scheduler

Use native Dynamics 365 scheduling tools to optimise training resources and manage your bookings.

  • Quickly find the best resource for each training requirement
  • Match trainers by location, skills, preferred resource  and availability
  • Schedule training programmes as recurring bookings
  • Track the current status of resources in real-time 
  • Integrated schedule board includes training orders awaiting booking, resource finder, map view, calendar view and booking creator

Training Course Entity

We'll configure a courses record form that will capture all the detail specific to your training delivery process:

  1. Assign the date and time for each course and track all courses using a group calendar view (see below)
  2. Manage bookings for each training venue
  3. Set course duration to automatically calculate end times
  4. Manage course accreditation by setting certification terms for each session
  5. Profile courses by type including public workshop, private tuition, webinar and more
  6. Associate contacts with each course including delegates, speaker and trainer

Manage Each Delegate

Profile and segment each course delegate by tracking booking detail:

  1. Associate each delegate record with a course record and contact
  2. Automatically calculate certification expiry dates and use this data to handle renewal processes
  3. Create personalised training certificates for each delegate record using pre-defined Word templates
  4. Profile each course delegate with a status reason e.g. interest, paid, attended and did not attend
  5. Send joining instruction emails using a field triggered automated process
  6. Input course fees paid, or even import from an external data source

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